Water – The Treasure for Health

Water is life. This universal truth is accepted world wide. Water in one form or another is an important functionary of our daily routine. From bed tea to night shower aqua is used always in one form or another. Keeping in view its multiple use it would not be wrong if we describe it as a natural treasure.

Not only in our day to day life, water is equally important for our good health too. Several research works have revealed the role of water in fighting many diseases. Not only diseases but intake of good amount of water also results in a glowing and supple skin.

Research said that water not only helps in boosting metabolism which in turn results in a healthy digestive system but also prevents the chances of cancer. Along all these cures water has also been found helpful in reducing heart strokes, migraine, acne hair fall etc. The ideal intake of water is 8 to 10 glasses per day for an adult. It is also suggested that fruits and vegetables containing water like cucumber, watermelon etc should also be included in diet .

Drinking a glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon helps in burning extra body fats. Two glass of water before meal helps in balancing appetite as a result of which a healthy digestive system is maintained. A glass of water with few garlic pieces helps in digesting complex food items.

Being colorless water is spreading the color of happiness all over. The proper intake of this natural gift helps in fighting many complex diseases like cancer and heart attacks. Not only this; it is the perfect concealor for skin also. It will help in making the skin more radiant and smooth.

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