Top 6 Skin Care Tips for Summer

Clear and flawless skin is what we all desire but the weather is not always supportive in this. Taking care of skin according to weather conditions is necessary. The winter season is good for skin as it remains away from sun and humidity. On winters skin gets maximum nourishment and care. But, the situation on summer is totally different. It is the time when our skin is maximally exposed to sun. Caring for skin in summer is difficult. If you are also stuck into same kind of situation and now looking for some useful face care tips for summers then here is the list of 6 most important tips for the season that would definitely help you in getting clear and flawless skin in summers too.



Exfoliating skin is much necessary whatever the season be. On summers, you are supposed to do it on a serious note because sweat can stuck into the skin pores and hence can provide home to pimples. Use a good quality scrubber and exfoliate your skin at least once in a week.

Proper Hydration:

Keeping your skin nourished even in summers is important. Using a good quality of moisturizer and in additional to this don’t forget to use a good quality toner. Tea tree oil toner is one of the most picked one for the season.

Drink Sufficient Water:

If you want healthy and flawless skin in summer then drink as much water as you can. Make H2O your friend and you would definitely be appreciated for your clean and clear skin.

Apply Sunscreen:


We are not saying here that sunscreen is important for summer only but this is definitely a season on which you should not step out from the home without sunscreen.

Use Light Makeup:


Makeup and summer, there is not a good connection between the two. In order to protect your skin from damage it is better to apply a thing coat of makeup.

Repair Sun Damage:


Sun damage, sun burn, or anything else what you call it, this is much more necessary for you to repair the sun damage. Using a good quality of D-Tan cream will be a good idea.

Maintaining skin well in summer is actually a great task. There are many ways to protect skin, but using natural things will not give a good impression but is something that would end till the last.