To Be Healthy Should Be the Ultimate Goal for All

The above tittle sounds to be very boosting and self-motivating to gain good health with all the positive aspects. But in reality do we are life healthy lifestyle and having a strong and healthy health indeed. I know the answer will be NO and it is very true too due to the risky lifestyle that we tend to follow in the name of being habitat of the so called modern world.

Apparently, busy and non-healthy life style leads us to gain various health problems that turns to health hazard as the time flows. Among them high blood pressure often called as B.P is being very common to even youngsters too. It is caused due to high cholesterol in our body that is being further caused by wrong eating habit and stress. Hence, reducing cholesterol levels is highly essential for opting better HEALTH.

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The levels of cholesterol in the body determine cardiovascular health because at high levels, it poses several health risks. Though, it is associated with the health risks that result from unhealthy levels in the body, let us understand it on medical terms. The cholesterol is actually a compound that is integral in many life processes and is a natural component of all cells in the human body.

Cholesterol functions in maintaining the walls of the cell membranes to aid the proper functioning of the nervous system. It is also used by the liver in manufacturing steroids and hormones. Though it is naturally produced in the body but other factors could affect the levels of cholesterol. They must be reducing at primarily level to prevent health problems.

Elevated blood lipid levels results primarily from high intake of saturated fat. Cholesterol enters from the food we eat gets into the bloodstream and increases blood cholesterol levels. Beside the diet we have other factors also plays important role. Below are the influencing factors that must be targeted to reduce Cholesterol.

In lowering lipid levels, everyone should take account of all factors that affect the level of cholesterol. Though the level of LDL is the main target in reducing cholesterol, total cholesterol levels should be noted as well. It refers to the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream at any given time which is composed of the levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol.

The wrong food habits, smoking, alcohol consumption, inactive lifestyle, and stress, being obese along with genetic factors affect the level of cholesterol. Genetic factors can’t be change but other habits must be changed to reduce cholesterol. One way of reducing it from food is to eliminate saturated fats and trans-fats since both are converted in the body into LDL. These fats could be substituted with healthier fats as mono-saturated fats.

Obese individuals are likely to have high levels so, weight control is effective way to see improvements in their cholesterol levels. On the other hand, smoking and high consumption of alcohol and sedentary lifestyle must be checked in. Apart, it is must to do regular exercise that increases HDL to maintain healthy living.

Thus, it can be achieved by checking the above factors that will surely maintain healthy levels and better health.

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