Three Best and Easy Chutney Recipes to Complete Your Meal

Chutney a perfect blends of few fruits or vegetable to provide tanginess to mouth and completes our food. Chutney will always be there to complete the platter of every Indian. Whether its breakfast, or lunch box or at the dinner table during the last meal of the day, without chutney meal is not complete. Chutney is a Hindi word that means to lick. And the meaning justifies the name too. You don’t need to fill your appetite with it, it is just as to give a finishing touch to your meal or you can say a compliment with food. If you are too a chutney fan, then we will tell you three best and the easiest chutney recipe that you can make almost every day and mix an authentic taste to your food.

Roasted Tomato and Mint (Pudina) Chutney

tomato and mintTake two tomatoes. Apply little bit oil in it and place it in a gas burner. Roast it till it is done and leaves the cover. Not set it aside and no need to peel off cover. Take 6-8 mint leaves and wash it. Take 4-5 green chili, or take it as per your taste. Take 4 cloves of garlic. Now put all of them altogether along with salt and blend in a mixi jar. No need to add water. If you wish to keep it for a long time then keep it covered in a container and place in refrigerator.

Coriander, Tomato and Cucumber Chutney

cucumber chutneyTake two roasted tomatoes (roast it the way I have mentioned above). Now take 6-10 coriander leaves, green chilies (again as per your taste) and along with salt blend it in a mixi jar. Take a cucumber, peel it off and cut into very small slices. Now mix cucumber with the tomato blend and serve chilled with sabzi or dal chawal. It is a good supplement for raita.

Coriander and Yoghurt Chutney

yoghurt dipIt could seem something strange to you, but we are sure to it. You could have tasted this with tandoori chicken or biryani for sure. It is very simple to make it as well. Take few coriander leave, 4 green chili and 3 garlic cloves, along with one teaspoon of cumin seeds, salt and a little bit of water, blend them all. Now pour yoghurt in a bowl and whisk properly till it becomes thick. Add the blended mixture in yoghurt, your coriander and yoghurt chutney is ready. Compliment it with biryani, pulav or snacks.

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