The Magic of Black Strands

The most admirable part of human’s body is his hairs. It changes ones look completely. Hairs are the most important aspects for makeover also. Different hairstyle changes ones appearance. So in this way it could be clearly made out that the most pampered part is hairs. Despite being the most attractive part of ones body it is the most sensitive part of human’s body too.

Indian beauty is admired worldwide for its hairs. The black strands highlight the whitish complexion so well that one cannot stop admiring it. But due to the climatic conditions in India, it suffers from many problems as well. The most common problem in Indian hairs is Dandruff. As per a survey conducted by a leading shampoo brand it has been found that almost 60% of Indians suffer from these white flakes. Not only this pollution and oily scalp are the other main reasons for seborrhea.

It is one of the most embracing hair problems, as these white flakes would completely ruin the beauty of the black strands. There are many natural as well chemical treatments for the same. But it has been found that for lasting effect one should consider natural therapies for treating these white flakes.

Regular hair wash with a good anti-dandruff shampoo would sort this problem out for a time. Apart from this a healthy and nutritious diet would also help in curing dandruff. Yoghurt, lemon, ginger, banana, garlic, chickpeas are the other remedies for dandruff treatment. Applying a paste of any one of these on the scalp would help in getting rid of these flakes.

Follow these easy home remedies and next time don’t hesitate in showcasing the black magic of your hair strands.

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