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Three Mistakes Ladies Make While Buying Heels

Buying inappropriate footwear or shoes can be painful experience. So it is important to purchase right shoes so that you can feel yourself comfortable and confident with that pair of shoes. It is a vital fact that women do not realize that their feet are constantly varying on account of some factors such as weight gain or loss, ageing and pregnancy. Ignoring this important fact they often make mistake while purchasing perfect pair of heels.

Mistake No 1: Buying shoes that do not fit now

Ladies should always purchase shoes that fit them perfectly now. Do not purchase the shoes that do not fit now. Salesperson may convince you saying “Well, it is not a big problem and they will stretch”. Do not mind salesperson. Nice out of ten times, shoes will not stretch. So do not purchase the footwear with hope that they will stretch and fit in the future. It is advisable that you should purchase the pair of shoe that fit to your larger foot.

Mistake No 2: Buying heels in the morning

Do not purchase shoes or heels in the morning. Perhaps you think it as a stupid advice. But mind it. It is important thing to realize that our feet swell towards the end of the day. So it would be the better decision to purchase heels at the end of day so that you can have a truer fitting of a perfect pair.

Mistake No 3: Wearing shoes for a long period

Do not wear heels for a prolonged amount for time as it is not good for your feet at all. But let’s face it, every woman or girl loves to wear a nice pair of heels to complete that perfect outfit of the day. It is advisable that you should have an extra pair of comfy heels so that once you finished at work then you can swap those heels for a comfy pair of heels.