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How to Beat Pain in winters

Winter and pain walk together. Less exercise and workout leads to joint pains in winters. Our body tends to be in rest in winters. A famous poet has said it very wisely ‘Every Mile is two in winters’. This statement is clearly justified as well. Moving an inch in winter is really a tough job. A small pain in winter results in sleepless night and days. How to beat the pain in winters is really the concern of many.

Why winter is painful, several researches have been performed on this topic. It says that in winters our body restricts the blood supply to the extreme ends like hand and legs, as it focuses more on heat and lungs. Due to which our joints suffers from pain in winters. Following are the tips to fight winter pains.

 Eat Healthy – healthy eating may help you to fight with winter pains. Have the loads of food having the content of Omega3 fatty Acids, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Whole Grains. These will help in halting cartilage loss resulting in joint paints. Have seasonal fruits and vegetables to maintain a good health. Garlic is also a good home remedy for joint pains.

Take Supplements– many a time it happens that your desired food is unavailable. To get the benefit of the same you can have its supplements. You can have Vitamin and Minerals Capsules to resist pain in winters. Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin may help by nourishing cartilage and increasing lubrication in your joints.

Keep Moving – keep your joints moving is the best treatment for them. Doctors suggest the same. Be active, do regular exercise. Don’t pressurize your body for activities; warm it up before any activity. Exercise helps the join to lubricate pain. Research says you need to workout twice in winters as compared to summers. There is less body activity in winters and workout helps the body muscle in proper functioning.

Get Speedy Treatment – if your joints have encountered any sort of pain then consult a doctor as early as possible. Small pain tends to be big in winters. Have proper balms and medicines for the same. You can even go for the physiotherapy rounds for the best results.

These four points will defiantly help you in beating the winter pains. Pain has a emotional effect as well. Make your self optimistic and fight with your pain in a positive manners. Your optimism will help you in kicking out this winter pain, so that you can feel happy and enjoy the cold breeze out there.