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India’s Northeast: Incredible Part of India

Describing the beauty of India without an explanation of enchanting north east is not at all possible. North eastern part of India is the pride of India and its beauty. The seven states in the region also known as seven sisters are the perfect blend of culture and tradition. Though in the past years there are some tensions in the area, but still people don’t give a second chance to visit this mesmerizing part of India. You cannot describe your India tour complete without visiting northeast. Though reaching the place is slightly tough then other parts of India but still there is a fun in reaching the place. If there is a nature explorer in you and you want to discover the real beauty of India then don’t forget to visit north east. The Major attractions of the region are.

Arunachal Pradesh

arunachalAlso known as the ‘orchid state of India’ Arunachal Pradesh is the pride of north eastern states. It is the largest states of the north eastern region. Arunachal is a tribe centered state with the maximum population of tribes. Tibetan and Burmese population is in a bigger portion in the cities population. Arunachal is also known for its forest area. The famous places to visit in Arunachal are Tawang, Ziro, Changlang, Roing, Parsuram Kund and many others.


assamDescribing Assam as the gateway to north east would not be wrong. Situated in the Brahmaputra Valley this state is well known for its tea plantation. One of India’s finest; tea is produced in the state only. It is the only state of north east which is connected to all other six sister states. Sharing borders with Bangaladesh and Bhutan Assam is significant for business exercises too. The famous places in the city include Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Pobitara Wildlife Sanctuary, Rang Ghar, Talatal Ghar and many others.


manipurManipur has been an important state of India as per history and economical facts as well. It shares a state border with Nagaland. The state is sharing an international border with Myanmar. Tribes are half of the total population of the state. Manipuris are strong believer of Lord Krishna. The famous places to visit in the city are Loktak Lake, Floating Islands, Keilbul Lamjao National Park and many others. Apart from this Manipur is world famous for its traditional dance form Ras Lila.


The literary meaning of the word is the land of clouds. The state signifies its meaning. Meghalaya hosts the record for high rainfall in India. The state is well known for its dense forest and small population. The famous places to visit in Meghalaya are Cherrapunji, Tree Route Bridges, Umiam Lake, Nohkallikal Falls, Mawsynram, Krem Lat Pra caves and many other places. Visit Meghalaya for the spectacular natural beauty and a piece of mind.


mizorumOne of the major populations of the state is tribal. The meaning of the state is the land of hilly people. Mizos are trained hilly people. It is one of the landlocked states of north eastern region. Mizorum hold the second least populous state of India record as per the census of 2011. Major populations of the state are catholic. The famous places in the city include Vantawang Waterfall, Bird watcher Point, beautiful hills and local markets of the area.


nagalandThe state is a home to 16 major tribes of India. The land of Nagas the famous tribe is known for its diverse culture and tribal living. Nagaland has played a very important role in the India’s freedom. Still the sign of the revolution are found in the city. Nagaland is known for its fair festivals, colorful markets and the stylish lifestyle of the youth in the state. One of the largest and the most colorful city is Dimapur. A large population of the state has adopted Christianity as their religion.


tripuraIt is the third smallest state in India. The state has a tropical savanna climate and receives heavy rain from south west monsoon. The state has a blend of Bengali culture in it. Tribes hold a nice position in the state population. The state again is rich in its culture and tradition and is among one of the Indian states preserving its tradition for so long. Visit Tripura for its beautiful and peaceful climate, to have the glimpse of nature from very close.