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Super Ways to Stay Super Cool in Summer

Burning sun rays has silently approached the door and now is in its full swing. Hot summers are all the way irritating, for our living and for our food habits too. There is no way out to fight with the sun then to bear the heat. But there is smart trick that could help you keep cool in summers. Our food habits changes frequently with the season. We tend to eat more in winters whereas the situation is just reverse in summers. But to fight with the sun it is mandatory to maintain good food habits in summers too. Here are few best and the most refreshing foods and drinks that you should consider for summers.

Water – if someone would ask me the synonym of summer, I would definitely yell it is water. Summer without water is totally unimaginable. And to resist the heat of sun in summer it is mandatory to have lots of water. Drink as much you can. It is refresh your body and well as save you from dehydration as well. Nutritionist suggests it’s always better to have glucose water or lemon water in spite of normal water. These two resourced fulfill the need of adequate water content in boy.


High Fibrous Food – inculcating fibrous foods in your diet is always a good choice and especially in hot summers they work as good digestives as well. Energy released by fibrous foods helps to maintain the required nutrition level in the body. The foods that are rich in fiber are Corn, whole wheat, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli, Berries, Celery, Spinach and many more others.


Say No to Sweets – if you wish to remain healthy and fit during summers then cut your budget on sweets and other high calories diet. Avoiding sweets in summer will really help you to maintain best calorie level in your body and you can enjoy cool in summers.


Rice – you would definitely be surprised to know this that rice will not help you gain weight in summers. Research says that rich being rich in fiber help your body to remain cool and is easily, digestive as well as compared to chapattis and breads. So switch over to rice this summer and beat the heat.


Avoid Cold Drinks – it may be refreshing for you for a moment but mind it you have to face the consequences of this refreshment. Opt for natural refreshers such as mint tea, lemon water, watermelon or other source of water. These natural drinks will have a refreshing impact on your body.