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Love Happens Thrice???Yes, It’s True

How many times you think love can happen? Well, once! No. Twice? No. Yes, not once not twice but love happens thrice. We are not saying it like that only, but it is all proven. An average human being falls in love for three times in his life, a recent research reveals this point. What we are going to tell you now is going to change your concept about love, first love, love at first sight and everything else about love. Well, there are people who are in love for the first time and getting Goosebumps of the first relationship, some might be heartbroken for the first time and looking for a consistency in relationship; this article is really going to be an eye-opener for all because you are going to face the same situation again at least once or twice. We are not just saying it like that, but now we are going to explain about the three times a person falls in love during his or her life. Yes, this is valid for both male and female. So, get intact and read what is followed next.

Stage One: The Adolescence Love –

adWhether you admit it or not, this is something that happened with most of you reading this. Until and unless you are topper of your school, you might have fallen for someone. Whether, that love continued for a longer time or not but most people face this stage. The worst part about this relationship is that, it doesn’t last for long. Only a handful of people are lucky to find the first love of their life but rest all move for the second mistake.

Stage Two: The Love in Twenties–

Once ditched and betrayed at first love, people do search for the option that could give some sort of relief to them but this is also not the thing that lasts. This is a time when a person finds his true love but again the age is for gearing up career and many fail in maintaining the balance between career and love life and hence end up the relation at bad memories and heartbreaks.

Stage Three: The Love That Comes Unexpectedly:

threeStage three of love is what when the most of the people find their true life partner. Trashed twice people really don’t have the stamina to go out and search for a compatible partner and hence the third love of life comes unexpectedly and the best part is that, it stays. And, this is why it is said that unexpected loves are the best because when there is planning there is no love actually.

I hope people out there reading this can relate their love stories. If you also find that you also had the same experience then do share it with me. I would be glad to know your experience and tell the world that yes, LOVE HAPPENS THRICE!!!