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skin care in monsoon

Skin Care Tips to Follow in the Monsoon

skin care for monsoon

The Monsoon has hit India finally and your city is also enjoying the downpours, petrichor, smoking hot cups of tea with fritters. This is the most awaited season for everyone and it is worth yearning for, but there are some drawbacks of this rainy season. The excess humidity in the weather often damage our skin and we end up getting acne, pimples, skin infection and itchy skin but by following a proper skin care routine you can avoid all these problems and can have a healthy-glowing skin.


Cleansing is the first step of getting a healthy skin. In this season our skin gets oily easily and the oil absorbs dirt and pollution easily. So you better wash it properly to remove the excess oil and dirt. Washing your face twice a day is a good idea but don’t over-wash it or else you will end up getting dry skin. Try to use a gentle face cleanser.

Toningskin toning

Exposure to humidity and rains can lead to clogging of the skin pores. They need to be opened that they can breathe freely to avoid the entering of any free radicals. Ensure using a good quality toner by soaking a cotton ball and applying it generously all over your face and neck at least once a day.


Don’t forget to moisturize your skin. This will keep your skin well hydrated and prevent from skin breakouts. The dryness in skin can lead to getting wrinkles.So swear by a good moisturizing cream to nourish your skin.

Exfoliating exfoliating

Exfoliating is another essential part of you Monsoon skin care. Use a good scrubber or you can go for the natural home made scrubbers to exfoliate. You will get rid of the dead skin cells and even the product build up due to make up products can be removed. But remember, never over exfoliate your skin because that will damage your skin. Do it once in a week.

no makeupNo make up

Try to avoid make up in this season. The excess humidity in the air might cause product build up that will lead to acne and pimples. Use less cosmetic products and try to use natural ingredients to take care of your skin.

Along with following the aforementioned tips, intake fresh and healthy food and adequate water and take care of your stomach, because catching indigestion, dysentery is very common in the Monsoon and they can cause damage to your stomach and your skin will reflect it. So take care and relish the rain.

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