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Basic Skincare Daily Routine Tips

Our skin needs utmost care. It is the most sensitive part of the body and the much exposed part as well. Like our daily routine our skincare too need a daily care and that too in routine. These are the basic skincare routines, which have to be followed anyhow, whichever the season may be. If you really want to have a flawless and shimmering skin, then you must follow the below skin care tips daily.

Cleansing – it is the golden look for a clean and acne free skin. It helps in removal of the dust and other harmful things that stacked in the skin due to the exposure. Cleansing helps in evacuating the pollution cells from the skin. It cleans the skin thoroughly. Go for a branded Cleanser for the best result.

Toning – many people skip this step in their daily skin care. They should really not do that. Tonic is the basic and important skin care step. Doing so will remove the extra oil and dust from the face. Not only this, toning also helps in maintaining the skin tone that has been defamed due to sun’s exposure. Most of the Toners have strong chemicals, you have sensitive skin then you can go for mild or chemical free toners.

Moisturizing – skin has gone through the toughest phase of cleansing and toning. It needs moisturization now to close the pores that have been opened during the above process. A mild moisturizer with essential oils and minerals would do the task to its best.

Scrubbing – our skin tend to develop black and white heads in a certain period of time. To get rid of these black and white heads, scrubbing is the best practice. But don’t do on a daily basis, as it is harsh to the sensitive skin. Repeat the practice fortnightly to get the best results.

Sunscreen – your skin has to be protected from sun rays to avoid unnecessary tanning and blemishes. To prevent sunburns apply a good sunscreen with adequate SPF. Apply it always whenever you are exposed to sun. For best results apply it 30 minutes before going out in sun.

Face Pack – to get a glowing and simmering skin face pack or face mask is mandatory. Apply it on weekly basis. It would help you in retaining your skin glow and texture. If you are going for a natural or chemical free face pack then you can apply it on daily basis as well.

Face wash – never compromise with your face wash. Go for a good and adequate face wash for you. Select the best soothing face wash as per your skin type. If you have a dry skin, then don’t go for an oil cleaning face wash as it would absorb all the essential oil and moisturizer from your face.

Body wash – soaps are sometimes hard. They contain unsaturated fats. It’s good for the skin if we go for a mild body wash with essential natural oils and minerals. Using a good body wash will help you fight with odor and white flakes as well.

Body moisturizer – don’t forget to apply an ample amount of body moisturizer whenever your skin dries up. This is a good practice, which would save you from public embarrassment due to dry or rough skin.