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Warning Signs for Girls that He is Using You

Relationship is always a complicated thing to handle. It is all about learning and knowing about the feelings of the opposite side. When the things starts everyone moves with the best hopes but as the time passes, things change and so as the relationship. Cheating, using, are few very common terms that we hear nowadays with regards to relationship. Cheating someone or using someone seems to have become a part of modern relationship. There would be only few who would move with the true heart feelings and the rest would just try to use you.

Girls are mostly the sufferers of the situation. As they are more emotional and sentimental, hence it is always the easy task to let her fall for the lies and fake emotions. If you are also a girl and are doubtful if you are being used then here we are with some sure shot warning signs that would clear all your doubts of yours and help you to see the real things that you have been ignoring.

He Never Gives Commitment for Future: Hey girl, if your guy is always silent while you discuss about the future then beware because he is not serious for the things. One sign that would definitely let you know about his feelings is that, he would never give you commitment and would not be ready to discuss about the future. Don’t ever ignore the sign because it could be something harmful by the end.

Your Friends Notice The Suspicion Prior: It is our friends only who help us to find what is right and what is not. Even in the case of your love relationship, if your girl gang is against the boy and they noticed something not good then trust them.

He is Selfish in Bedroom: He would give you hints all the time and it is your intelligence whether you sense the things right or not. In case, your man is selfish in bedroom then also it suggests that he wants you just for that and is not looking for anything else from you. Only a true man would cuddle you even after the things would be over.

Never Introduces You to His Friends or Family: If you have never met his friends or family members then beware because he is not looking for any future with you. Not sharing love life with anyone is also a type of hint.

He is Careless for Your Feelings: You make sure that you don’t hurt him but he on the other hand is much careless for your feelings. No matter, how hard you try and cry for him, he would not melt.

You Aren’t His One and Only: If you have caught your partner cheating once, twice or more than that and are still thinking that it is love then my girl, you are absolutely wrong. If you are not his one and only then it means you are not his as well.

Through this article I really don’t want to suspect your relationship but it is always better to beware of things then to cry for the mishaps. Trusting someone is good but blind trust could be dangerous.