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A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee

The amazing beans of coffee are not only meant to give you refreshment. They are more then energy drinks. The multiple uses of the grounds of coffee make it the king of the beverages. The native of Africa is serving the world with its delighting fragrance. So the use of coffee is not limited in serving as a beverage but really a lot can happen over coffee.

Coffee is basically extracted from the shrub of Genus Coffea. The berries of the plant are dried and the beans are extracted from it. Later on the beans is roasted and grounded as coffee powder. It is considered as the best refreshing beverage. It is used almost in the entire world. But below we will discuss the use of this beans more then a beverage.

As an aid to Headache – if you are suffering from headache, and don’t want to go for medicine. Then just go for a cup of black coffee. You will see the result till the time you are done with your coffee mug. This surprising medicine is best for treating headache as it does not leaves any side effects.

As a Face Cleaner – you would defiantly be surprised to know this, but coffee grounds could be used perfectly as a natural scrub. Rubbing few pinches of coffee grounds on face and then rinsing it with water will give you a smooth and supple skin. In dry winter this scrubbing would be helpful in removing the dead skin from your face.

As a Fertilizer – coffee can be used a natural fertilizer as well. The nutrition factor of the coffee beans gives nourishment to the plants. The coffee grounds are idle for indoor plants as well. This natural fertilizer leaves no side effects on your beloved plants and gardens.

As an Odor Repellent – if your refrigerator, or car or oven is stingy you can remove that odor by just placing coffee grounds in it. You can keep a bowl of coffee grounds mixed with water in your refrigerator and over to get rid of the foul smell.

As a Hand Wash – to get rid of the bad odor of fish or garlic or anything stingy from your hand, you can wash it with coffee. It leaves behind smooth and clean hands. Coffee is found effective in fighting with the bacteria of hands as well.

As a Hair Nourish er – washing your hairs with coffee gives it a great texture and extra shine. This is the reason why many parlors offer special coffee treatments for hairs.

As a Natural Dye – coffee is used as a natural dye. It gives a natural brown texture to the hairs. Coffee is the best hair dye as it gives natural color without harming the hair and its roots.

The above multipurpose uses have really made it the king of beverages. This justifies the line ‘a lot can happen over coffee’. Next time while sipping into your coffee mug, just remind the surprising uses of coffee.