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Most Common Myths about Pregnancy Every Woman Should Know

Motherhood is the best feeling for every woman. It is the time of her life when she is all set to bring one more life. She is given advises by everyone for this biggest examination of her life and she does follows what people do instruct her, but not everything which is told to her is true. Pregnancy is the time when people shower her with advices and instruct her about the dos and don’ts during the time.

This unique event of a woman’s life is surrounded with many different prejudices and stereotypes.  To burst the most common myths concerned with pregnancy we are presenting this very useful article. This would definitely help would be mamma to conceive healthy baby.

Food for Two: While a lady is pregnant, she is suggested to eat for her as well as the fetus. This is not at all true. A recent research suggests that in case a woman is healthy, she is not required to eat for two. She should insist on eating healthy as compared to eating more. Fruits, nuts and pulses are the things she should focus more.

Mood Swings: Pregnancy is never ever about mood swings but this is a myth that every pregnant woman gets to her during her pregnancy time. The truth is that, during this time of her life she discovers many new talents and picks a new skill too.

The Ultrasound: The ultrasound examinations can hurt the baby; well this is not at all true. It is the gift of technology that through the ultrasound the doctor can know the status and the health condition of the baby. A pregnant lady should undergo the ultrasound scans 3 times during pregnancy, one in each trimester.

Pregnancy Before 30: So, you are turning thirty it’s better to conceive now as you might face complications afterwards. This is something that a woman hears but this is not at all true. The risk and complications in pregnancy is because of the health conditions of the woman and it is nowhere related with her biological age.

Craving for Salty Food: People do consider that the early sign of pregnancy is the craving for salty food but it is totally a myth and there is no relativity in the same. It differs from one woman to another as the desire can be anything and not restricted to salty food only.

Sex during Pregnancy: It is a very common myth that intercourse during pregnancy can harm the child. It is all dependent on the lady. If a woman does not experience any discomfort, sexual activity will not do any harm.

These are the most common myths that are related with pregnancy. Do share it with the would-be mothers so that they may bring a new life in this world without any surrounding themselves in any myths.