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Best Tips to Get Smooth and Pink Lips

The most attractive part in a female is her lips. No one can pass through the beauty of a female face without having the glimpse of her lips. Maintain the perfect pink texture of lips is the wish of every pretty lady. A pinkish lip with a perfect natural gloss is not a dream now. You are supposed to follow these golden rules to get a natural pink shade just like a rose petal.


hydrationYes, the solution to all health related issues is water. If you get dehydrated, your lips will be chapped and will look dry and will loose skin coating too. Therefore in order to maintain a gloss in your lip area, drink as much water as you can.

Natural Lip Balm

natural-lip-balmCosmetic market is 50 percent full of lip care items. In those items you will find plenty of lip balms. But wait, before picking one, learn whether it is a natural lip balm or not. These lip balms are made up of natural agents like essential oils and fruit extract. Apart from this if you choose petroleum jelly then if will take all the lip moisture and make it dark and dull.


exfoliationThe dead skin of lips tends to make it rough. So it’s necessary to exfoliate the dead skin cells from lips, at least twice a week. For this take sugar and rub it in your lips. Now clean the area with clean cotton.


spfLike our face our lips too are exposed to sun-rays that could lead to blackening of lips. Pick the lip balm that has SPF and UV protection. It may cost little more to your pocket, but will work a lot for your lips in order to get a pink shade.

Quit Smoking

quit smokingSmoking is one of the major reasons why people loose the luster and gloss of their lips. Quit smoking and get pinky lips. But in case cigarette always attracts you, then before puffing the one, apply a cote of lip balm on your lips.

And Night Care is Must

lip balmEvery part of your body needs a night cream. Like oiling in hair, cleansing and toning for face. In the same way lips need a night treatment. Apply a pinkish shade lip balm on your lips before a sleep and let it moisturize your lips overnight. The pink shade will be reflective on your lips and will be supple and smooth too.