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What Made Padmavati the Most Controversial Film of the Year?

From being the biggest movie of the year to the biggest controversy of the year, Deepika Padukone starrer is yet waiting for release date. The film was in the controversy from the very beginning since the time of its shooting at Jaipur when the film set and the director of the film Sanjay Leela Bhansali was trashed by crowd of Jaipur, and the controversy started from then only. Rajput Karni Sena took the responsibility for the same. Well, there are many things and many rumors that are associated with the same.

Padmavati-0According to a news agency First Post, it has claimed that the real reason behind the protest of Padmavati clash of inflated egos. Patron of Karni Sena Lokendra Singh Kalvi said it all began with a rather trivial statement made by Singh during an interaction with the media when shooting for the movie was about to begin. According to Kalvi, Singh, responding to a question whether he was playing the role of a villain in the movie, said that he could go two notches beyond playing the role of a villain if he is given two intimate scenes with the lead female character in the film. Someone sent that clipping to Karni Sena in Rajasthan.

rlrrBzjffggiiWell, Ranvir made this statement because it was meant for the girl he is dating who is Deepika Padukone but Karni Sena took it for Rani Padmavati.  Well, the things do not stop there only. Despite the repeated ignored mails and letters to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the apologies of Ranvir Singh over the statement, Karni Sena became more aggressive and declared that 1st December which was the release date of Padmavati would be observed as a national strike.

padmavati-7593Well, the protest took a vigorous form now and everyone is eagerly waiting for the next step. After the intervention of Supreme Court there has been a temporary ban on the release day of Padmavati and it is expected to be released in 2018. Well, whatever is the dispute, we just want that the issue should be solved because Deepika is looking so charming in Padmavati and we cannot keep calm to see her.