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Why Being in Open Relationship is Always a Treasure

Relationship needs commitment but not everyone wants to give it to their counterpart. When we would define love deeply, we would find that love is not a feeling but it is the requirement of someone who can be there with us in our good and bad times so that we may share our things happiness and joy with them. Talking in much practical manner, describing love as the requirement of life would not be wrong and this is what the definition of relationship is. The relationship of modern times has attained much practicality and the couples are getting deviated from commitment and are opting open relationship. Many of you must have gone through the term ‘open relationship’, what is it actually?

1A relationship with no commitment and that runs with a mutual understanding and breaks with mutual understanding is termed to be open relationship. In this type of relationship there are no feelings or attachment but couples are together fulfilling each other wishes and desires. Well, considering the life full of stress and busy schedule, we could say that open relationship has become the need of the time. This is an article where we are going to highlight that why being in an open relationship is a treasure.

2No Breakup Pain: The best thing about open relationship is that, there is no pain of breakup. When there is no commitment obviously there would be no breakup or breakup pain.

3There is No Jealousy: People get into an open relationship because alike a committed relationship there is no feeling of jealousy or breaking trust, and hence one can stay carefree.

4Improved Communication: When you are your partner are together with the same motive then definitely there would be no guilt and both of you can have an improved communication together.

5More Trust Would Be There: It may seem awkward, but people in open relationship tend to trust their partner more as compared to those who are in committed relationship. Reason for this is definitely the no commitment factor.

6Good Sense of Personal Identity: When you are in an open relationship, you can devote time for yourself without getting worried about your relationship and hence have ample opportunity for grooming the personal identity.

7Idea of Marriage is No More Daunting: Couple fights in committed relationship because of the idea or discussion about marriage; in an open relationship they can be carefree because the idea of marriage is never daunting in an open relationship.

8Making New Friends is Not Hassle: When you are committed to someone your circle shrinks whereas when you are in an open relationship you have more and more choices of expending your circle and definitely your partner would not get annoyed by the same.

9And, Ultimately It is Keeping You Happy: If we would come to the ultimate destination of an open relationship then it is sex definitely. Being in an open relationship makes a person selfish because he is taking this step to keep himself happy and there is no harm in this.

12Open relationship is not toxic because it starts and ends with mutual understanding without hurting the feeling or sentiment of the person on another side.