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Seven Most Common Beauty Myths Debunked

Beauty and myths go side by side they are friends forever. There are many misconception related to beauty that has been carried forwarded from ages. But now, today we will debunk the seven most common and most interesting Beauty Myths and will make you relaxed for that. Now be ready for that great Ow! that will come from your within after knowing the reality.

Organic Products are Better

It is a myth that natural or organic products are better for skin. It is indeed a biggest myth. As a cent percent natural product will not be effective on skin at all. They must have some content of chemicals to make them effective for use. Next time when you go for a natural cosmetic just give it a second thought that whether its going to be effective if its hundred percent natural.

Hair will grow faster if you shave them

Another most common myth is that if we will use razor on our skin, hair will grow faster. This is not true at all. Our hair grows at its usual speed, whether you remove it by wax or razor. All you are supposed to do is to give a very close shave.

Permanent Hair Removal Lasts Forever

Those spending big pennies for permanent hair removal treatment there is a shocking report for you. The reason is that the stimulus for hair grown in an area is never terminated from the root and therefore sooner or later there will be hair growth in the area.

Regular Trimming Results in Hair growth

Another bigger myth related to hair is regular trimming results in faster hair growth. This is not the truth at all. By the means of regular hair trimming, you will get rid from your split ends but it has no connection with hair growth. Therefore next time if your friend suggest you for a trimming for hair growth ask for clarification.

Nail Polishes Strengthens your Nails

Many pretty ladies over there belief that, nail polish will provide a harness to there nails and will prevent it from breakage. This is only a myth nothing else. Nail paints are made from ethanol and there is no strengthening substance in it. So don’t give it a thought to give a support to you nails by your brightening nail color.

Regular Shampoo Nourishes Hair

Many believe that giving a regular shower to hair will make it shiny and nourished as well. This is a total myth as shampoo contains chemicals and regular use of shampoo on our scalp will make hair roots weak which in result turn out to be a hair fall. Regular shampoo is not at all suggested for hair. Give a hair shower thrice a week only and not more than that, for a healthy and shinier hair.

Sunscreen is not to be used in winters

It is a common belief that sunscreen are meant for summer only. This is not the real fact. Our body is exposed to sun in winters as well. And that winter summer rays too contain UA and UB rays. Therefore skin must be coated with sunscreen in winters as well. so next time if you step out from house in winters don’t forget to apply adequate sunscreen.

The most common beauty myths are debunked today. We hope you are benefited by these revealed truths and will not let yourself captured in these old and traditional myths any more.