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Trending Fashion for Men This Season

Only females don’t have a copyright in fashion, men too are fashion conscious. Many fashion writers do this mistake by writing fashion blogs for girls only and ignore the handsome boys, but we will defiantly not do that. We know men are already perfect and they need not much denting panting like females, but still there are few trends that men should follow in order to maintain the charm of the chocolaty face. The most recent fashion trend for men that could help that attain that manly look this season are mentioned below. We suggest all the handsome chaps to follow the trend and let the girls scream for their sexy looks.


denim shirtDenims are always in for men. But wait this season with a drastic change. Yes, denims are not limited to bottom wear this season, you can pick few best denim shirts for your wardrobe too. As we know that fashion repeats itself after a point of time and this year too the fashion of late 90’s is back. Denim shirts are again in fashion. Matching it with your favorite jeans and complimented with an aviator will make you a dude definitely. Half sleeves denim shirts are more trending but in case you wish to go with a sleeveless one or a full sleeves shirt then that too will work for you.

Flower Flower All the Way

floral printLike females don’t have a copyright on fashion, they don’t have a copyright on floral print too. Gone are those days when only females could copy men attire, men too are doing the same. Keeping in trend the love for floral print many male fashion designers have launched floral print shirts and shorts for man too. And the interesting thing is that it is acceptable too. Men are now wearing floral shirts on white base or on colored base to endorse a stylish and cool looks.

Sexy Shorts

floral shortsOf course we are not asking you to wear shorts all the time, but if the time and situation allows you, then you can go for the sexy shorts this season. Though shorts are always in the wardrobe of a boy but in case you are stylish enough to carry a new look always then going with floral shorts is a great way out for it. This season men are turning little bit girlish as the color of girls are in trend in men fashion. Yellow, blue and light green colors are more trending and you can use these colors when buying for stylish shorts to carry that sexy look.


avaiatorsWho won’t die for a sexy man in aviators? Aviators are the most trending fashion accessories for men this season. It is maintaining the position since last year and this year too it is. Last year colored and screened aviators were in fashion, but this year it has been replaced with the one with golden rim and black glasses. Won’t anyone will fall for a handsome boy in dark aviators, I will for sure. There are two benefits of carrying aviators in your attire, it is trending and it will save your eyes too.

And a Sling Bag Completes It All

sling bagWait boy; don’t think we are writing this for girls. Sling bags are now not only limited to women shoulders, now men too can opt for these sexy and sleek sling bags(of course, not the same one like girls). There are many sexy sling bags for men available in market and in online shopping sites too. Select a one for you, most probably in leather and finish off your appearance in a trendiest look. Gone are the days of bag packs now sling bag is replacing it. Carrying these bags will give a stylish look to you, believe it.

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