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What Happens When You Marry Your Boyfriend

When a relationship begins everyone wishes to take it to the stage of marriage, but unfortunately only a few lucky couples reach there. Marrying boyfriend is the dream of every girl but only few are fortunate to have the love of their life as their partner for life as well. But, wait ladies if you are thinking that you are going to live in the happiest moment ever after marrying your man then maybe you are wrong because things are going to change. Being a girlfriend and being a wife are totally two different phases of life and relationship too. So, the reality is quite different because it will not be a dream world anymore and both of you would be jumping to the ground reality. Here are the changes that you would be facing while you marry your boyfriend.

A Permanent Roommate:

1The world would be full of fantasy when you would find your boyfriend to be the permanent roommate for life. Everything is going to change; you would definitely enjoy his company but could also miss your privacy.

Slip Ups While Describing Relationship:

2So ‘he is my boyfriend…no my husband’, this is something that you would be slipping up more commonly during the first few years of wedding while you describe your relationship.

Different Level of Fights:

3Fight will attain a maturity now because both of us are now bounded in a relationship and there are no breakup things. So, you don’t have option but have to stay together.

Sex Life Changes:

4While he was your boyfriend there has to be some particular time for romancing on bed, but while he will become your husband both of you can bump into the bed anytime and yes, without any restrictions.

Mode of Shopping is Different:

5Earlier shopping means cosmetics, clothes but now the mode of shopping would be limited to household essentials and essentials. So, you are going to face something different.

More Responsibilities towards Each Other:

6You could live carefree towards each other while dating but the sense of responsibility increases, in fact it doubles when you marry.

Questions for Kids Would Become Common:

7‘So, when you are going to have kids’, ‘any good news’, and questions like these are going to irritate you as soon as you tie the knot of marriage which was definitely not happening while you were dating.

Changed Way of Communication:

8Dirty text messages no more exists when you are with the person you were dating back. Definitely, a different way of communication arises.

A New Level of Intimacy:

9And, the best part of marrying your man is that you would enjoy a new level of intimacy, every time and everywhere when you are with him.

A change is always for something good. A little adjustment of the things and you can feel the true treasure of marrying the love of your life. So, all the best pretty ladies for the new journey of your life!!!

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