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Makeup Trend This Year

The beauty of a woman is incomplete without makeup. Though it’s a small part of beauty but plays a very vital role in that. It is makeup only tat enhances a look of a female and in this way female find themselves privileged then man that they have great option to beautify their look. In this series of beautification only we bring you the best makeup trends this year. Follow these trends and float in the world of beauty and charm.

Subtle Smoky Eyes – taking a big twist in your eyes, subtle smoky eyes are trending eye fashion this season. You need not to give it a complete smoky look but a fine touch of that can tell a difference in your eyes.

Dark Lips – if you are in love with chocolate colored lipsticks, don’t hesitate to put it on now. These dark colored lipsticks are again in trend. So you can apply a fine line of these lipsticks in your lip area and let everyone seduce with your beauty.

Red Hot Lips – red color is never off fashion. They are now back with more shimmer and glow. Apply a dark cote of red lipstick with light face makeup and be the fashion trend. Red is not limited to red only it has come with many shades like cranberry, cherry and many more others.

Clear Face – Say a goodbye to your blusher and cheek brighteners. Now you no more need that. Clear face is in this year. A clear face with dark lipstick and light eye makeup is something that is enough to drive your love crazy for you.

Split Mascara – if you find a girl with split mascara don’t take it as a fault as it is trend. Yes now make your eyes go crazy with makeup with split mascara and one fine stroke of eye liner.

Overloaded Eye shadow – overload your eyes with eye shadows this year. Dark shades such as oceanic blue and black are fittest best for eye shadow. You can make your eyes more tempting by Applying greenish shade over your eyes. And let your eyes speak your beauty.