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Milk – The Fuel of Body

Milk is an unavoidable content of one’s diet. Milk in one form or another is used in daily diets and sometimes it also works as a food supplement. The goodness of milk is the unavoidable factor for its daily recommendation. The goodness of milk contains the richness of Calcium, Vitamin D and Potassium.

The white liquid spreads a colorful world around. The health and nutritious benefits of the product raises value and hence adopted by the people of all the ages. It would not be wrong if we term it as the fuel of the body. The rich source of calcium makes it the must have in daily breakfast for children’s. Milk not only helps in strengthening bones but also helps in building muscles.

It is also a former belief that milk helps in healthy brain functioning. A complement of almond or saffron would do a magic in the same. Milk is both nutritious and delicious. It is the only drink that can be used in many ways. Not only milks but milk products too are healthy and beneficial. Various milk products are yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese, ghee, butter. Complementing milk with many fruits results in healthy and tasty shakes and smoothies. Teaming up milk with cocoa and tea will bring a healthy and relaxing drink.

Keeping in view its high calorific value would not be wrong if we term milk as the fuel of the body. It is a must have product in every one’s diet. The ample amount of milk will not only help in fighting many diseases but its complement with tea and coffee would reduce mental pressures.

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