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10 Habits of Couples Having Strong, Healthy and Happy Relationships

What makes a relationship strong, healthy, happy and romantic differs from couple to couple. Building a reliable, true and positive bond with the partner takes time and efforts; it doesn’t just happen overnight. You must need to put into some work if you want to grow relationship strong and keep it strong. Here are some habits that might help you create and maintain strong and healthy relationship. Let’s have a look at them.

Follow Good Communication

 For any relationship communication is imperative. It is one of the most imperative qualities that helps maintain a healthy and happy relationship. How to communicate with partner is an art; and not everyone knows about it. Even many don’t communicate at all. Happy couples always communicate well and have their communication game down. They express their love and feelings to one another; saying romantic three words “I Love You”. They often offer compliments to their partner. They discuss their problems to one another. In order to maintain your relationship healthy and happy; and grow as a true caring couple, you too need to talk to your partner about your feelings and what you feel for one another. No matter how awkward or uncomfortable it feels, good communication will make for a strong, happy, long-lasting and pleasing relationship.

Respect One Another

Respect One AnotherYou must respect feelings and desires of your partner. Without respecting the feeling and desires of your partner you cannot maintain or develop strong and healthy relationship. If you want to have joyful relationship and maintain it for lifetime then you must respect your partner’s time, character, desire, heart and trust.

Respect One AnotherYou must avoid doing things in relationships which can break down respect and trust between one another. You should avoid name-calling (abusing one another), threatening to leave the relationship, and talking negatively.

Spend Quality Time, Not Quantity

Spend Quality TimeIt is imperative to spend quality time, not quantity, to maintain a deep connection in twosome. It doesn’t matters at all how much time you and your partner spend together. The imperative part is about the quality of the time. There is a big difference between having dinner at table in a nice restaurant while discussing about your daily work; versus having dinner at your home while sitting on a couch watching a romantic movie.

Spend Time Apart, It is Good

time apart newSpending time apart is as important as spending time together. It will provide you space to do your own things and remain independent; which is imperative for a successful relationship. In order to avoid unhealthy codependent relationship, you ought to maintain healthy boundaries and some independence so that you can enjoy long-lasting and happy relationship.

Take Care of Love Languages

love languagesThere are some unique ways of feeling loved; and you must identify them in your relationship. In order to maintain healthy, strong and happy relationship you must take care of love languages like Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts and Physical Touch. It is imperative to identify with well-communication that what makes your partner feel loved and special. This will certainly help you make deep connection between you and your love-mate. Make sure you’re attending your mate’s love language over and over again.

Appreciation – Appreciate One Another

AppreciationOften many couples forget to appreciate one another but you shouldn’t. You ought to show your mate that you love him or her. You can express it in many ways; like cards, flowers, flowers, gifts or other things which make your mate being loved and appreciated.

Focus on Positives in Stead of Negatives

Focus on Positives in Stead of NegativesEveryone may have some negative qualities. Nobody is perfect in this world. For a healthy and happy relationship you must focus on your mate’s positive qualities instead of negatives. You should make constant efforts to turn negatives into positives.

Arguments are Not Bad

Couple arguingA relationship with no arguments is a relationship with lots of secrets. There are some arguments in every relationship; and this is not too bad. It is not bad at all to bring issues to the forefront and work through the hardship together. However; I don’t think quarrelling over your mate using your favorite thing. So, pick and choose your battles wisely, because people in happy and healthy relationships too do. Never make arguments in front of your children. I am talking about healthy arguments only, not fight.

Having Sex is Important

sex1Let’s talk about sex in relationship. Some people think that sex is too much hyped in a relationship; while others think that sex with your spouse is important for a healthy, happy and long-lasting relationship. In order to cultivate healthy and flourishing relationship with your mate, sex is truly important. The more you have it, the more you want it; and the more you feel connected to one another. On the other side, the less you have it, the less you want it; and unfortunately the less you feel connected to your mate. So it is imperative to keep your sex life alive, firing and interesting. “Spicing Up” is not just meant for the kitchen.

Don’t Compare Your Relationship to Others

no comprasionIn order to maintain healthy, happy and strong bonding in a relationship you must avoid comparisons. You should avoid comparing one another. It is human tendency that we often compare our lives to others; but it is not a good thing at all. You must avoid comparison of your relationship with others.

Enjoy healthy and strong relationships!

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