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What are Materialistic Components of Successful Marriage?

The world is the result of married life this is one very prudent fact of human history till today’s date. Two people of not only opposite sex, but different thinking, living, family values, hobbies, professional nature and many such things still get unite to form a family.

Have you given a thought to the serious fact that being different in every prospectus how the two people live life together till end of the life living their future in the form of their children. What are the materialistic components of idea behind such successful relationship of marriage?

Let us get to known this up to a level with the following article below. There are two major things almost every relationship of the world demand in but achievable marriage solely depends upon it. They are compromise and communication.


Off course like other relationship marriage also, involves taking and giving. If you find yourself unable to give much, or feeling aggrieved about how much you give and how little you receive from your spouse, you are likely to be in an imbalanced relationship. This will lead to unwanted confusion and set back where one side is unfairly taking more than they are giving back.

Apart only depending upon love can sound to be unrealistic to believe. It is not the solution of every issue arising. Including this it will just cheating yourself to consider that your spouse truly loves you, they will just do anything you ask. There comes in the need to understand that people are independent and have their own unique personalities and needs.

Having found someone we want to spend our lives with does not mean that we have to surrender our personal identity in the process.


All the relationship gurus believe to the fact that relationship live and are killed by the amount of discussion and not as it were, by the sword. If couples are not regular in being openly and candidly to communicate their needs and feelings to each other, the relationship has little chance to last long. Thus, couples have to find a way to communicate honestly and directly.

Relationships Never Die a Natural Death... They are always murdered, either by Ego or Lack of Communication...

Relationships Never Die a Natural Death…
They are always murdered, either by Ego or Lack of Communication…

Never wait for an argument to tell your spouse certain things you don’t like. It is important to tell your partner when you feel that it is necessary, and do so in a courteous and assertive way. No doubt, it always appears that the grass is greener in other marriages – simply because people hardly share the truth about the amount of work they put into their relationship.

You just follow above laid fact to feel easy to run with your relationship of marriage without any mediator.

The relationship of marriage is purely a wonderful and lovely gift of god. He serves his followers with love affection and lots of adolescent in a good age of maturity. There hence it is our social, mutual, natural and most responsible responsibility to envisage the relationship with love for whole life. This will be true gratitude towards God if we won’t ruin his art for our ego and other unwanted causes.

Always cheer up and live life to full momentum!