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How to Make Gajar Ka Halwa in Six Simple Steps

We all have one pleasant memory attached with winters and it is Gajar ka Halwa. The minced carrot cooked in milk and thick cream makes a perfect winter companion of every Indian. Definitely the name of this very popular sweet dish of India lures many people. If you are also a die heart fan of Gajar ka Halwa then we are telling you how to make this traditional Indian dessert in only six simple steps. Have a look at the recipe and try out this on these chilling winters.

Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 4


Grates carrots: 10 medium

Dates, seeded and chopped: 3/4 cup

Sugar: 1/2 cup

Milk: 2 cups

Cashew nuts, roughly chopped: 8-10

Raisins: 8-10

Green cardamom powder: 1 teaspoon

Ghee 2 tablespoons


  1.  First of all heat a Kadai for making halwa; choosing non-stick pan is a great idea for this.
  2. Add grated carrots and sugar and cook for about five minutes. Add milk and continue to cook.
  3. Add dates, cashew nuts, raisins, green cardamom powder and mix.
  4. Cook for ten to fifteen minutes, stir regularly.
  5. When dry and cooked add ghee. Mix well. Cook for another 2 minutes.
  6. Serve hot with dressing of almonds and pistachios. You can also add khowa.

Try out this wonderful method of making Gajar ka Halwa and impress your beloved with this tasty and hot Indian sweet dish.