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Foods to control your blood pressure

When the blood pressure or the pacing of blood flow against your artery walls increases to a high rate, it is called high blood pressure or hypertension. The normal blood pressure rate for adults is 120/80 as considered by the doctors. The high blood pressure or hypertension can damage your blood vessels, heart, kidney and can lead to stroke, heart attack, and many other ailments. While taking medicines can help you to control the blood pressure to some extent but following a blood pressure controlling diet is necessary also. Having less salt in your food, doing light work outs are the common rules people usually follow to lower the blood pressure. We often get so stressed out in our hectic schedule of daily life and that increases the blood pressure eventually. So maintaining a diet chart is obvious for the blood pressure patients.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are always suggested for a good health. Fruits like mangoes, apples, apricots, berries are enriched with multiple vitamins and beta carotene that helps in lowering the blood pressure. Adding these fruits in your daily diet will be beneficial for you.

Leafy vegetables

So many times we have heard that leafy-green vegetables are good for health. They also help you to lower your blood pressure. Lettuce, Kale, Spinach, Swiss chard are the most important veggies in this list. They help you to balance the ratio of sodium and potassium in our body that controls the blood pressure.


It is not necessary that you have to avoid fishes if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel, trout etc are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids and various vitamins and that helps you to control your blood pressure. They are the lean protein so you can have them in your daily meal without worrying about your health.


Flax seed are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and they are a good source of fiber. Flaxseed helps in controlling blood pressure. Other seeds like sunflower, pumpkin and squash are also good for health. The magnesium and potassium presented in them can lower blood pressure visibly.Just add them in your breakfast meal on much on them any time you want.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains flavonoid that helps in reducing blood sugar. Apart from this dark chocolate are much healthier than regular chocolates as it contains less sugar and multiple vitamins. So don’t quit on chocolates just because you have high blood pressure.

Beet roots and carrots

Beet roots and carrots are really helpful in controlling blood pressure as they contain the vitamin c and beta carotene in a good amount and it has been proven clinically long ago that beta carotene helps in reducing blood pressure. Just try to drink the carrot and beet root juice everyday.

Skim milk

Once you are detected with high blood pressure you are asked to stop drinking milk. It is the common scenario. But wait! You don’t have to eliminate milk from your diet if you drink skim milk. It is a good source of calcium and low in fat and also helps in reducing blood pressure.

Controlling blood pressure is very easy if you follow such tips and you have to stop worrying about your blood pressure first as worrying causes hyper tension. Just maintain a healthy diet and control your blood pressure.