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Top Four Places to Visit in India During Diwali

India is a land of fairs and festivals and if you want a live proof of this axiom then you must visit India during Diwali. Diwali is the biggest celebration in Indian subcontinent and also this annual gala is celebrated across the world wherever Hindus and people of Indian origin reside. Now, there must be a question in your mind that what makes diwali so special in India that the sound of Diwali crackers are heard in abroad as well. Well, to find the answer of this question you must visit India during Diwali. And trust me the incredible feeling of Diwali will make you to visit this land of rituals and traditions again and again.

To know the festival, you must understand the reason behind the celebration and why this day is the biggest day in the year. Diwali has so many significant values for its celebration. Some consider it as the triumph of good over bad, whereas for many diwali is the day of wealth and prosperity. Whatever is the reason behind the celebration of this five day long carnival, the thing that remains common is ‘enjoyment to its fullest’. Through the length and breadth of the country you will find different reasons to enjoy the festival and yes of course different colors of the day as well. So we will here tell you the four top destinations or places in India where you will find the best color of Diwali. Now you ought to decide where you want to land on India to celebrate the ‘festival of lights’.

Haridwar/ Rishikesh

haridwar diwali

If you wish to find some spirituality with lot of fun then the place which will give you all on Diwali is Haridwar and Rishikesh. Located at a distance of 20 kilometers, these two are the cities of heart and soul of the country. Situated at the foothills of Himalayas in Uttrakhand popularly known as ‘Dev Bhumi’ these two places are the best for you to find the complete peace of mind with fun of course. Well connected with surface and air transportation these are the must visit places in India during Diwali. Haridwar and Rishikesh attracts a mass of tourist during Diwali due to its perfect location in the bank of holy river Ganges where earthen oil lamps on Diwali light look magnificent like a view you would never have anywhere else. You will be blessed with the spirituality of pious river Ganges and will be accustomed well with the celebration of this biggest event. The best spot to rejoice the same in Haridwar is ‘Har Ki Pauri’ and in Rishikesh it is ‘Triveni Ghat’.


varanasiWish to peep in the real culture of India then you must visit Varanasi or formally called Banaras. Banaras is the place in India where you could find the real India with its magnificent ghats and tremendous Ganga boat ride this is something you will be blessed to see. And the beauty of the places rises to its high on Diwali. Special Ganga Aarti (a prayer to holy river Ganges) is something that you can exclusively spot at Banaras only. Ganga arti on Diwali with thousands on diyas offered to the Ganga to thank her for the ‘life’ with what she blessed all. All the special ghats of the river have almost the same panoramic view on Diwali night that you would surely love to capture on your lenses. The excellent feeling of spirituality will definitely bring you much closer to India culture and tradition. On your night at Diwali in Banaras you will get to know the real reason behind the nickname of the city as ‘the city of lights’.


kolkata diwaliIf you wish to have a different but spectacular view of Diwali then you must visit Kolkata. This capital of West Bengal has so much to offer you on Diwali night that you could find it the most memorable trip to India. Diwali celebration is slightly different in Kolkata then northern and other parts of the country and it is because rather than worshipping goddess Laxmi Goddess Kali is worshipped on this day that is why Diwali is also referred ad Kali Pooja in Kolkata. You can see the giant statues of goddess and people all around dedicated for ‘Kali’ everywhere. Some ‘ohhhh’ sounds during the Pooja celebration can haunt you but don’t worry its there way to invite goddess at the place. So enjoy and click the best selfies and collect the best memories for your dear ones back home from this ‘cultural capital of India’.


delhi diwali

Well apart from all these, if you wish to have the best enjoyment of the festival then come and celebrate Diwali in Delhi the national capital of India. Delhi is referred as ‘the dil’ of India where ‘dil’ means heart. The Delhiaties will let you know the real meaning of festival which for them is only enjoyment. Delhi is the place where you can find the equal excitement for the festival by all the cast and creeds of the society and this makes Diwali festival the most enjoyable event in Delhi. Whether you roam around ‘Rajpath’ and have the spectacular lighting view of president house and India gate or visit Connaught Place or South Ex each and end every location in Delhi will let you flow in the moment of fun and ‘masti’ in this colorful capital of India. And the best thing you can notice everywhere in Delhi is great firework and spectacular decoration and lightning everywhere across the city.

The above mentioned places are not to stop your lure for Indian tradition but it is to provide you the best information for Diwali celebration. Other than these places other attraction for Diwali are Kerala, Jaipur, Gujarat and Goa. But if you have your friend residing in any part of the country then it is your best opportunity to feel the festival from the closes. But don’t forget to wish your friend or his family with premium Diwali gift as it is the ritual of the festival. Diwali gifts are the best part of the festive celebration which is common practice throughout the nation. So if you are visiting someone on Diwali, never forget to carry a diwali gift hamper, to convey your best wishes for the day.