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Which are The 4 Best Places to Celebrate Holi in India?

India is a land of fairs and festivals. The land of culture and tradition celebrates every festival with full fervor. No matter from where you are coming or which tradition you follow, if you are in India for festive celebration then you will be welcomed with an open arm. As it is March already, and the festivity of Holi is all around, travelers from all around the world have already made their bookings to India to witness the grand festival that makes the whole world turn around to the small country with big ethics and values. Holi the festival of hues has its own significance and value. Where you want to celebrate Holi in India truly depends on your interest. Like if you want to lose yourself in the intoxication of Bhang then you can prefer visiting Delhi, whereas if you wish to see the religious phase of the festival then Barsana is the best place for you. Like this, depending on your needs and deeds you can switch over to your favorable place to observe the festival of hues. We are mentioning the best four destinations below.

Barsana barsana holiIf you truly deserve to observe the roots of this holy celebration then don’t go anywhere, straight away make Barsana your destination. Barsana is a small village located in Mathura. It observes the most enthralling Holi celebration in India. Stick Holi which is locally called as Lathmar Holi is the main identity of the area. Here you will observe women hitting men with sticks and singing folk songs. No gusto of festivity can be compared with the elan with which the festival is celebrated here.


hampi holiIf you are at Southern Part of India and wish to celebrate Holi there only then turn towards Hampi, as it is a better option for you. As Holi is prominently a north Indian festival, hence you will not observe the same gusto for the festival in the southern part of the country. But yes, Hampi serves as an exception here. The city exhibits the perfect love for color and enjoyment on the grand festivity.


holi-2016-delhiDelhi is the city that lives life to the fullest. Whether it’s festival or a normal boring day, no one can turn a normal day into a grand event of celebration better than a Delhiiate. And, this should be the reason why you should visit Delhi on Holi. If fun and enjoyment is your only target for Holi then drop your luggage at Delhi itself. The national capital of India is a fun loving place for all the celebration. You can try Holi special Thandai, Bhang, Gujia and Namkeen the festive food for which Delhiiates die. Rub Gulal and show your moves on Bollywood songs this is all what you are expected to do in Delhi-ki-holi.


pushkar-holiTravelers always prefer to go to Rajasthan whenever it comes to observe the festivity of an event. If you are all set to visit Rajasthan on Holi then go to Pushkar. The city will give you yet another reason to love India and its tradition. Walk in the streets of Pushkar and enjoy the friendly locales of the city playing Holi with you.

Whenever I hear Holi I whisper the famous Bollywood song, Holi k din dil khil jate hai, rango mei rang mil jate hai….”  No matter wherever you are in India, Holi will give you homely feelings, with every Indian ready to welcome you with an open arm. So, wear white and step out in getting it colored in the brightest hues, on the streets of India.

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