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How to ‘D’ Tan Your Skin Naturally

Tanning and sunburn is a common skin problem in a country like India that has a maximum exposure to sun in most of the time in a year. Our skin type too favors to accept the sun rays and in reflex action it leaves a sign of tanning and sunburn. Tanning makes skin looks ugly and hides and the charm and glow. In order to get back the beauty of your skin that has been lost due to tanning, opting for an anti tanning or a ‘D’ tan treatment. Parlors offers the services of ‘D’ tan, but if you want to stay apart from the expensive parlor treatments then we have come with the best home treatments to fight those brownish shades in the sun exposed body parts.


exfoliate skinTanning is a temporary crust in the skin. It can be removed with regular exfoliation. Use a good quality loffa or a soft pubic stone, to get rid from them. But be sensitive as it will not go in one short. Repeat this twice in a week during shower and get a tan free skin.


scrubbingScrubbers are considered the best weapon to fight with the dead tanned cells. Use a good quality scrubber at home and fight with these crusty tanning layer on your skin.

Bengal Gram and Yoghurt Paste

besanBengal gram is considered the best home remedy for tanning. Make a thick paste of Bengal gram powder (besan), turmeric and yoghurt (dahi). Apply the paste in the affected area and scrub gently for five minutes. See, visible tan removal signs, in two three times of application.


PotatoePotato has a natural tanning component. Slice a potato and rub it in the exposes part. Repeat it for two weeks and find the natural tan removal. It is rich in vitamin C and hence works as natural bleach.

Aloe Vera

aloe veraAloe vera has surprising component to fight with burns and tans. Apply the gel of the beautiful plant in the sun exposed area, before taking a shower. Massage gently and leave it for few minutes in skin. See the amazing results in one week.


Tomato-Face-PackBeing rich in antioxidants and vitamins, tomato is considered the best vegetable for skin treatments. For tanning also tomato works the best and the fastest. If your skin is suffering from tanning, just rub a small piece of tomato on your skin and let it work. Within a week you can notice amazing results.