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Night Cream for Overnight Nourishment

Night Cream’ well this word can be familiar to some and others can take it for granted. If I am using a good quality day cream then why do I need a night cream? Many of you would be thinking the same, isn’t it?

Well, just go in the past; the last time you visited a saloon for facial, what the beautician suggested you. She must have said; not to expose your skin to sunlight or to other chemicals for at least 7-8 hours, get a good sleep and relax your skin. Well these all things are suggested because creams and treatments only work in face when it is relaxed. If your face is stress free and sleeping, it is the best time to nourish it. Like our body systems work best when we are asleep so as our face. Therefore applying a night cream during the time is just like hitting the ball in the basket from the center.

Why Night Cream

night cream2Our skin is bombarded with so many chemicals, pollutions and stress in the day time, it too needs to be relaxed and need to get nourishment or a reimbursement for all the stress it has bearded. Night creams compensate all the nourishment loss in the skin the time when we are having our good night sleep. Like brushing your teeth before you go for a sweet nap is important to fight the germs in the mouth overnight, in the same way night creams are necessary to fight all the evils of the skin like fine lines, wrinkles and patches.

Types of Night Creams

Night-Creams3Now you know that night creams are necessary, but which cream. Selecting a night cream is as much important as selecting your day nourishment cream. In broad sense night creams are of two types, Anti Aging Night Creams and Deep Nourishment Night Creams. If you are in your thirties or above that, then go for an anti aging cream. Anti aging night creams mostly contain retinol, glycolic acid, salicyclic acid, and retinyl acetate. These all ingredients help in rejuvenating the skin and fights with the signs of aging too. Whether your skin is showing sign of aging or not, it is suggested you switch to these creams in order to maintain a youthful skin forever.

Another form of night cream is Deep Nourishment Night cream. It is a best nourishment option for those whose skin has lost hydration and nourishment. These creams works silently in night and next morning when you see your face in mirror it becomes more smooth and supple. This is a jinni for your not so smooth and nourished skin. The main ingredients you can find in these types of creams are ceramides, vitamins A, C, E or B5, essential oils and other nourishment ingredients. Apart from this your skin type and sensitivity level of your skin are other prime factors that can decide on your shopping cart for buying a night cream.

How to Apply

night cream1Applying this cream is another factor that could decide whether the cream is going to help you out or not. Clean your face with a cleanser and wash it off. Then apply few dots of the cream on a clean face and massage gently in upward direction. Leave the cream to pamper your skin overnight and get a smooth and supple skin.