Skin Care Tips for Men

Who says beauty and fashion is restricted to female only. Men too are free to express their outer looks and give it a perfect finishing touch. Yes their skin is not as flawless and smooth like women skin but still it needs care and attention both. We will tell you with the best way in which men can pamper their skin. Of course men have got good looks, but sometimes with their chapped lips and cracked skin they can feel embarrassment in public. If you too wish that you should not stand in that row of embarrassment then follow these tips and maintain the charm of the chocolaty face.


men_cleansingLike females are exposed to dust and pollution so as men. So why shouldn’t they cleanse their skin. Cleansing is not limited to the need of females only, men too need the same. So if you have got that bearded face or are a clean shaved person, don’t hesitate to rub that cotton soaked in cleansing milk to your skin. Before a good night sleep don’t forget to clean your skin with cleansing milk cream. Go for a mild option if you are trying it for the first time. Repeat this daily and see the difference in your skin within a week.


scrubIf you think that why your skin is not as supple and smooth like your lady then the reason probably is those dead cells in your face, near nose, eyes and chin. It is really important on the part of your face that you apply scrubber in it once in a week. Applying scrubber is though a very simple thing, but in case you think that you are not an expert of its usage then you can ask your lady. Exfoliation of dead skin is needed to red rid from white and black heads in the face.

Good Moisturizing Cream

moisturizerYou can’t give it a second thought when it comes to moisturizing cream. Apply a good cote of moisturizing cream on your face. Men face is exposed to pollution, dust and chemicals the most; in order to maintain the smoothness in their face it is required that it gets the nourishment of a good moisturizing cream. But don’t forget that you always select moisturizing cream as per your skin type, and not what your friend uses.

Sunscreen is Must

sunscreen_Why you stay away from sunscreen if your body too is exposed with the same. Sunburn may result in blemishes and other sign of aging. If you wish to get a glowing and even tone skin then don’t forget to apply sunscreen when you step out of home in sunlight. Use branded and one with a good SPF. In case your skins is too oily then stay away from greasy sunscreen.

Body Odor

body odorOw! That stingy smell that comes from your armpit can lead you to face embarrassment in public. In order to feel confident in public use good body odor powder , deodorant spray and a good shower gel as well(don’t hesitate in using shower gel please). Shaving your armpit is also a great way out to meet an odorless under arms.

And Those Chapped Lips

lip careSmall cracks in your lips can make you feel big embarrassment in public. Due to uneven lifestyle, smoking, dehydration or any such reason man got their lips chapped. It is not at all a let it go matter. A good moisturizing lip balm should always occupy space in your pocket, so that your lips get nourished. In case you are a chain smoker and wish to have the moisture trapped in your lips, then before you lit the cigarette, don’t forget to cote your lips with a good lip balm.

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