Rishikesh: The Perfect Place to Find the Peace of Mind

To get the ultimate peace of mind and a lap near to nature Rishikesh is the best place where you can get it all. Located in the lap of nature this place is perfect for holidays, for resting, for yoga and a great peace of mind. Being situated in the hilly state of India; Uttrakhand, Rishikesh is one of the star attractions of the state. It is the only city in Uttrakhand that draws the maximum number of foreigners. If you roam around Rishikesh you will often find white faces among the whitish ones. Being located in the lap of Himalayas and side of river Ganges this city is also called the gateway to the Himalayas.

ritual studyRishikesh was always known for the ritual studies. For the study of Indian Vedas and Purans young Brahmin Boys turn towards Rishikesh. There are as much gurukuls in Rishikesh that signifies this fact. When you are so much near to nature, you tend to learn so many things. Rishikesh has always been known as the learning center, whether it’s for the learning of Vedas and Purans or for Yoga classes. Being the Yoga hub of the world, this is a reason why foreigners visit the city. There are as many yoga center and ashrams that you could find in this small city.

yogaKeeping in mind the need and deed of the customers, you can easily find all the things that you need. Whether it’s a high speed internet connection, or a German bakery foreigner find everything here that could easily connect them to their home town. Another big reason for selecting Rishikesh as the destination for perfect place for peace is the affordability level. You can easily find hotels, lodges and Swiss cottages in Rishikesh and that too at very affordable prices. Starting from 500 till 600 you can find your type of living place in Rishikesh.

rafting_rishikeshIn case you love thrill and adventure then too Rishikesh has something for you, rafting at Shivpuri and tent house stay at Rishikesh is something that you must try. For those who are religious and are centered to their love for their god taking a holy dip in river Ganges is another great option for you. There is no complication in reaching this place. Rishikesh has its own railway station, airport and bus station as well. You can also reach their by your own vehicle. So if you really want to explore the beauty of nature and that too in a complete peace then nothing is better then giving a visit to Rishikesh.

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