How to Take Care of Hairs in Rainy Season?

Hairs are the prominent part of the beauty of not only ladies but even for men too. They add on to your personality and feature you to look charming with a gloom indeed. But often it is witnessed that people in large number suffering from the loss and damage to hairs due to multiple factors.

Here in this, we will discuss about the hair care in monsoon season which is currently witnessed all around with lots of changes in atmosphere.

  • Caution Hair from Rainy Water– Hairs are to be specially taken care of as the rainy water can even damage them harshly.Weather it is drizzling or a heavy rainfall we all love to get wet up in the rain droplet which serve amusement from the core of heart. If you have been drenched in rain, shampoo your hair as soon as you get back home. It is because the rainwater carries atmospheric pollutants, this will weaken your hair root and you will soon experience hair fall.

hair washing

  • Protect from Dandruff – You should also keep in mind that rainy season is the time for dandruff proliferation. Due to the serious atmospheric change climate often serves us with unwanted changes in our body and dandruff is the same. It is largely seen in the rainy season as the dead scalp of head regains new and healthy scalp so it sheds the old one and this causes dandruff. Thus, you are advices to use anti dandruff shampoo and drink lots of water to escape the problem permanently and instantly.
Protect your hair from dandruff

Protect your hair from dandruff

  • Take Care of Itching Scalp– It is another major ill effect of rain happens to cause damage to our hairs. It is the caused by the chemical reaction that takes place in our body due to change of the climate.Shampoo designed especially for your hair type must be used like for lifeless, dry hair opt for a deeply hydrating, light shampoo. It should be applied with the tip of your fingers and massaged onto the scalp be precautious of not using your fingernails.
Make Your Scalp Stop Itching...

Make Your Scalp Stop Itching…

  • Wash Hairs Every Couple of Days– Hairs must be washed every couple of days not on daily basis. Washing it on a daily basis can simply damage the hair grain and make it lifeless even. Thus, it is advisable that hairs must be washed on selective days only.

    Wash your hairs carefully using suitable shampoo and conditioners

    Wash your hairs carefully using suitable shampoo and conditioners

  • Apply Suitable Conditioner – Proper conditioner is essential, especially for the stringy or coarse hair. It hydrates the hair grain and makes it easier for you to style it. Conditioner should be applied gently on the hair and NOT on the scalp, left in for about 2 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. Cold water locks in the proteins better so, rinse the shampoo and conditioner off with a rather cold wash instead of a hot one.
Apply appropriate conditioner...

Apply appropriate conditioner…

  • Leave-in conditioner– Humidity can get the best of the gentlest hair. On rainy or extremely hot days it is advised to apply some leave in conditioner. It will discipline the lock of hairs and prevent them from damage.

Have a happy rainy season!

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