How to Prevent Prickly Heat

Along with summer there come several problems. Dehydration, nausea, and prickly heat are the three best friends of summer. They walk together with the heat and are more active when sun is at its fullest. The most irritating among these three is prickly heat. Though these are small but are more then enough to destroy your living. These heat rashes are develop very fast in the covered areas of the body such as neck, back, shoulders and many other places as well. Prevention is always better then, cure. See the best ways to prevent Miliaria Rubra the scientific name of prickly heat.

Avoid Sweating – prickly heat is caused due to sweating. The sweat ducts are blocked either by excessive sweating, or by an overgrowth of bacteria which normally lives on our skin. So it’s better to stay away from sweating. Live in air conditioner or such a place where there is continuous air place. So it’s better to stay away from humidity.

Regular Shower – though regular shower is always needed for in hot and humid temperature. But if you want to stay away from prickly heat then you are suggested to take a cool shower once you enter your place after humidity. It’s always better to use antiseptic in your bathtub so that your skin can fight with the bacteria caused due to sweating.

Avoid Greasy Sunscreen – all of you consider sunscreen best for summers. But if your skin is prone to prickly heat then stop the use and especially greasy sunscreen. Sunscreen tends to release oil when exposed to sun and these blocks pores of the skin and in turn gives space to prickly heat to develop all over.

Use Loffa – prickly heat is caused due to bacterial growth. Therefore, while having, shower clean your body properly with scrub or loffa. In this way your pores will be cleaned from inside out and this will prevent bacterial growth.

Have light Foods and Avoid Spicy Meals – summer is not the adequate time for having spicy foods. Nor your body will allow it and nor stomach. As a result of lots of oils and spices in your food you can suffer from excessive prickly heat. So have foods that have rich water content. Take as much fluid as you can and have access of water.