How to Make Your First Relationship Stay Longer

First day in school, first day in college, first class bunk, first hangout, first achievement and first relationship these all things never happen for the second time and therefore stay in our memories. And one memory among these that remains all the way with us is first relationship. First love, first crush and first date the memories of these three will never fade away from your mind. Binding the pearls of first relationship is the craving of everyone, but only a few reach to that saturation level in first relationship. If you too are dating somebody for the first time and want to be together always, then here are few tips for you and your first love.

Don’t be Over Reactive – it may be the first time for you and emotions can come out from all means. But be cautious and don’t be over reactive in your emotions and sentiments. Give space to your partner and to your relation too. Have patience to deal with things then only your partner and your relation can last really long.

No Show off Please – if you are looking for your future with your partner then it’s your foremost responsibility to show what you actually are. Plastic personalities may temp people but is not long lasting. Therefore be what you are keeping aside all show off and fake identities. In this way only your relationship can go a long way.

Give Time and Space – you love to spend all your free time with your partner. But this may or may not be the case with your partner. Therefore you need to understand this fact and accordingly treat your partner. Space is always the requirement of a relation so that one may not feel suffocated in it. Let your relationship grow its own way, don’t apply extra force or pressure in it.

Accept Your Partner the Way He/She is – no one in this universe is perfect and if you are in love with someone then accept him/her the way he or she is. Don’t wait for miracles in your partner. If you will be satisfied the way your partner is then it’s a positive sign for your long and happy relationship.

Be Prepared for the Worst – after giving the best of yours, you may sometime feel that it is not going on well. Still it’s not working. Then it’s better to be stay aside from this. May be you partner ditching you. It’s good that you need to continue your relationship but with such a person who is not deserving at all is not good. So despite giving your best attempts in your relationship, you should be prepared for the worst.