Cheated Because He Was Looking For…

Being in a relationship is one of the best feeling ever. It makes a person privileged, and his life treasured. Obviously, everyone loves to be cuddled, pampered and admired. But, what happens when suddenly one day everything just stops. Everything just terminates at a question mark and you are still trying to find out, why. Why this all happened to you, despite giving 100 percent from your side. Though breakup affects men and women both but side effects last long in women. Being soft by heart and much involved in relationship, most of the time its woman who is the sufferer of breakup the most.

Some are strong enough to deal with breakup, whereas some always try to find the answer why. Why do men cheat? What makes a man cheat on his woman? Or Why I was cheated despite giving my 100 percent? Human brain is really tough to read and especially in consideration to his feelings about a relationship. Here we are highlighting few of the reasons that probably make a man to cheat on the lady who loves and admires him the most.

No Serious Relationship and Commitment: The most common reason which emerged that makes men cheat is their casual reason. They are never the first one to be serious in relationship. They wish to keep the bonding away from commitment and this makes them to cheat their lady. As they are not always serious in relationship hence hanging up with others does not bother them.

Lust and Not Love: There is a big difference between love and lust, for a woman it is love and for man it is lust. The two different prospective from the side of two different people is what creates differences and this leads to breakup and cheating. A man is interested in a relationship on bed whereas woman looks beyond that, and when he just get bored of the things he looks for option in and around.

Freedom: Freedom is something that everyone wants and so as a man too. Being in a relationship make them feeling bounded to things, not everyone likes to be questioned for the same thing in many different ways. To get off from situations like this, they switch to another option with believe that the situation will be different at this end.

Appreciation: If till now you have been thinking that only women run behind appreciation then you are wrong, men too want to be appreciated always. They wish to be appreciated in everything that they do and especially for their bad behavior. So, if you were not doing this to him then maybe it became a reason for him to cheat on you.

Highlighting His Ego: Male ego! Well, this is one of the most dangerous things, which is the reason behind many relationship breakups. Probably, if all the above mentioned reasons are not behind your breakup then definitely it is only and only his ego that got stuck in between love and self-respect.

However it is really tough to come to a conclusion what makes a man cheat. No one can tell the reason better than he himself. We have just tried to find out few of the reasons according to the mind psychology.