Foot Care in Winters

In ancient Rome people were judged by their foot. This tendency of Rome is still followed in many part of the world. Still beauty of a man lies in his foots too. Our foot reflects our status. It is our foot only that bares the whole weight of our body. It is an indispensable part of our body. Our foot encounters most of the problems in winters. Winters brings dryness and cracking in our heels.

With the approaching cold breeze in the environment, the foot has started cracking. To deal with this toughest situation is the problem of many. 85% suffers from foot problems in winters. Below we will discuss few important foot care tips and especially with consideration with winters.

Wash Your Feet Often – to get rid from the foot problems the golden rule is wash it often. Use lukewarm water for washing your feet in winters as it will help in regulating the body temperature.

Before Shower Soak Your Feet – soak your feet in warm water before every shower. This will make the skin soft and will make it easy for you to clean your foot. Take a big and wide bucket, you can add shampoo or foot wash in the liquid for a good result.

Use Pumic Stone or Foot Filer – to get rid of the dead skin you must use foot filer with every shower. It helps in filing away the dead cells from the foot heels and gives you a smooth foot.

Scrub – use scrubber once a week to remove the tanning and flakes from the foot. Special foot scrubbers are meant for the foot that cleans and nourishes the skin.

Moisturize – don’t forget to moisturize your skin every time it encounters with water. This helps in maintaining the moisture in the foot skin. If you are having cracks on your heels then do apply a good heel repairing cream before bed on clean, you can get visible results in two weeks.

Clip the Toenails – to avoid any accident with your foot, do clip the toenails regularly. This will help you in maintaining proper hygiene of your foot and will keep it bacteria and fungus free.

Apply Nail Coat – apply your preferable nail coat if you are habitual to it. Nail coats gives a toughness to the nails, but don’t apply it for a long, you should not keep a nail coat for more then two weeks.

Cover your foot – the best way to protect your feet is to cover it to a maximum. Wear socks and closed shoes in winters. Don’t wear socks at night as our foot too needs some space to breath.

These are the few useful tips for foot care in winters. Follow these simple home remedies and get smooth and silky soft feet to please you and your beloved as well.