Five Useful Tricks to Keep Body Warm in winters

Finally the fear of sunburn is over. The harsh sun rays will no longer damage the skin and hair, you can be happy for this but there is something harsher than summer rays waiting for you and it is cold winter breeze. Winter is the season when you don’t have control in the temperature outside; surviving with the cold is really tough. Staying comfy in the cold, whether you’re hiking urban canyons or hip deep in backcountry snow, requires paying attention to the science of heat transfer. Conduction and convection are the two principles that need to be managed for surviving in harsh winters. You don’t have a control on the temperature outside but there are five useful tricks that we are mentioning here that will help you in keeping body warm during winters.

Hot Beverages

beveragesOne common rule for keeping warm in winters is to have hot beverage. Drinking something warm raises your core body temp. But there is a contradiction to this as well. The hot beverage makes you sweat, and if that sweat is allowed to evaporate, it will actually make your colder. You’ll want to skip the hot toddy too. The first sip of hot beverage will give you fussy feelings but don’t get trapped with it; alcohol is not all a great idea for facing the heat.

Light Up

bonfireOne another very common trick that people use to keep their body warm during winter is lighting up. Obviously, lighting a fire is a good way to keep warm, but you don’t need a roaring bonfire to heat things up. Light a few candles around your immediate workspace or at the dinner table to keep those finger tips toasty.

Carpet Floors

Cover bare floors with carpets and blankets in winters to give yourself a cozy feeling. No matter how many socks you are wearing but a chilled floor will always give you freezing feeling. By doing this you will be walking warmer all season.

Cover Feet

Heat in the winters may come from anywhere. The best trick to keep your body warms in winter is to cover feet. This is one of the ignorant things; people don’t cover their legs and walk barefoot. The heat from floor directly enters in the body, hence to avoid this always make sure to cover your feet during winter. Wearing cozy socks is a great idea.

Warm Thoughts

You must think that I am crazy, but this is true that the effect of winters is there directly on your head. Researchers have shown that core body temperature can be controlled by the brain. Excuse us while we daydream about white sand and sunshine.

It is not impossible to cover body from the chilled weather. We imply so many tricks, wearing much clothes is not only the solution along with this you need to take care of the environment outside too. The above mentioned five tips will definitely make it a wonderful winter for you.

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