Fashion Trend for Newly Married Working Women

Marriages bring many changes in a girl’s life. Now she won’t be staying longer in parent’s house. She won’t have that much freedom that she enjoyed in her single life; she is answerable to someone for all she does. Apart from all these changes a biggest change that marriage brings in the life of a woman is related to her attires. Now tight denims are replaced by patialas and tunics tops are replaced by heavy worked kurtas. It may be possible that you won’t be carrying this for a long but for time being you have o be like a newly wedded bride. The situation is though bearable for homemakers but those who are indulged in 9 to 5 jobs can find it much difficult to match with both fashion and tradition. For all the fashion conscious ladies who wish to maintain the decorum without deteriorating the fashion and style here are the three best ways to maintain that.

Mix and Match in Style


You could have got those heavy worked sagun-ka-joda in your wedding. In place of carrying them all together you can apply mix and match concept in that. For example if you have a heavy worked suit then in spite of teaming it up with the matched Patiala make it stylish by wearing denim. Carry dupatta and furnish it in a traditional look. To make it much better you can use light leggings to make you comfortable in the outfit. But wait before making any experiment take in consideration the dressing sense. Don’t make blunders in way to setting milestone in fashion. If your better half wants you to drape Sari then replace the heavy worked sari with the elegant cotton ones. Doing this will make you in the row of fashion and tradition both.

Don’t Overload Yourself with Jewellery

indian brideMarriage means lots and lots of Jewellery. That beautiful bangle, that elegant necklace and those mesmerizing ear hangings all makes the event much interesting and beautiful. New bride is supposed to wear these all in order to showcase her beauty. But carrying these accessories in your office can give an awe feeling to you. And staying away from these beauty accessories is also not possible; therefore you are supposed to make equilibrium. If wearing Chuda is in your tradition then drop idea of wearing those bangles with it. In spite of carrying necklace or other goddy things carry simple mangalsutra or a gold chain. Keep in mind that becoming goddy is not a style but carrying a sophisticated look is. Don’t overload with Jewellery. Pick few best pieces and enhance your beauty.

No Over Makeup Please

makeup2Considering makeup the synonym of marriage is not a wrong concept. Marriage means loads of makeup. In India heavy makeup in the face signifies that a woman is married. But carrying a heavy makeup look in office is against the ethics of a work place. So in order to make a balance, go with light makeup. Avoid blushers and eye shadows. Give a smoky look to your eyes. To highlight your face apply dark shade lipstick. Red, maroon or brown are the trendiest way to highlight the lip area. Apply liquid sindur in place of a powder one. Be stylish and look traditional. A lot of kajal in eyes with a beautiful strike of eye liner and sophisticated mascara will do the favor for you. Apply makeup but don’t overload