What Your Wife Expects from You In Her Pregnancy

Pregnancy those nine months of pain, irritation and sickness all vanishes the moment you see the new born in your hands. A child is a string that holds the relation of parents forever. It is a sign of love between the two, which will remain with them forever. But wait, the nine months which the child spends in the womb of his mother is the decisive factor, how it is going to be. Child is the joint responsibility of both the parents. If you are a husband and you think that your responsibilities eliminates after your wife is pregnant, then you are absolutely wrong in it. There is a nuclear family trend now a day.

Parents are responsible for the upbringing of the child. Therefore being a husband you have to realize this point that you have to stand by her side to fulfill all her needs, whether the emotional support or her carving for food in the middle of the night. There are so many things that your wife would be expecting from you and, it is your duty to make her happy and stressful during the course of time. Make her fee that that child is the joint venture of both of you and not the sole responsibility of a single person. Here are few things you could do to your pregnant wife to make her happy during the tenure of her nine months.

Emotional Support

1The foremost expectation from your wife during the time would be emotional support. You have to understand her changing of mood all the time and have to keep a hold on your temper too. Don’t let her feel if she is doing it alone; make her feel that you are with her in all the times. Pregnancies make a woman to change her mood time by time. One moment she would be happy and another moment annoyed with you. This is not good on the part of the baby. Therefore try to understand what makes her irritated and try to solve it as well.

Food Carving

2If your pregnant lady will ask you for a black current ice cream in the middle of the night, then don’t thing you are the first sufferer of this trauma. 99 percent of pregnant ladies put this sort of demand irrespective of the time. This is due to the hormonal change of the body. Sometime you will also face that, for the thing which she was demanding from you, she is not interested anymore, so understanding this harmonic change in your lady’s body cope up with her.

Together Doctor Visit

3Don’t let your lady visit doctor again for regular checkups. Go with her and attend the physician. Know about her health. About the baby growth food and nutrition you ought to know each and every thing. Don’t make it happen that you will decide on the labor room whether you wife is going for a cesarean or a normal delivery. Don’t leave her in solitude to bear the pain during the tenure. Be with her always wherever possible as she would be expecting this from you always.

Plan for New Member Arrival

5Both of you are going to be parents. It’s not the responsibility of a single person. When your wife is busy in planning for the new one’s room, shopping for the clothes, playthings, furnish her with her suggestions too. Make her realize that you are aware about all your responsibilities. Don’t let her do every ting by her own.

Make Her Feel Beautiful


She might put up much weight. She may not be that much beautiful for you. And she knows this well. This is something which makes most of the females irritated. In order to make them happy and positive, don’t make her realize that she has lost her charm, with that big belly or those raised platforms. Making her feel beautiful; is only way out you can make her positive. Praise for her beauty; try to help her in grooming and everything else you can do for her.

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