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8 Things That Can Annoy Your Girl

Behind every angry woman, there is a man who really does not know what he has done well”, well, it is just a sarcasm post but it actually contains the bitter truth of today’s reality. Relations are hard to find and hardest to maintain. The love relationship is considered to be the most complicated one because all the time the process of “give and take goes” on. The string of love relationship is actually very complicated to maintain and every time there is a thought that whether the efforts that you are putting for the relationship are going in the right direction or not. It is well said that understanding a woman is impossible and we too agree with the same. We would definitely not tell you how you can understand a woman, but in this article, we are going to highlight the things that can annoy your girl. Prevention is better than cure and this is why we are here with few of the tips that will definitely help you out to deal with the fragile relations well.

Your Cheesy Talks in Between Her Serious Conversation:

1If she is telling you something then you are supposed to listen to her with full devotion. Your lovey-dovey talks in between her serious conversation would spoil her mood and she might burst up. This is really a serious thing that every man should think about. If you are not paying her attention to her serious emotional issues then she will develop a feeling that you are not serious about her and taking everything as a joke only. If this continues over many matters then it may become a serious issue in the relationship.

Reaction on Her Friend Circle, when you too have the same:

2You don’t like her hanging out with boys, right but how you can expect her to stay calm when you are hanging out with the opposite gender. Too many restrictions in a relationship never work and hence it is required that one should put only those restrictions that he can also bear in the same. Unwanted cages will only make your bird to find the way to skip and nothing else.

Your Rare Compliments about Her Look:

3She spends hours in front of the mirror just to look perfect with her, but you rarely appreciate her efforts or compliment her for her looks. Once or twice it can be bearable but if you continue to do the same, then it really means that you are giving her a green signal to move on or to get attracted towards the one who would the compliment her for what she is. This is one amongst the serious reasons behind many separations.

Cancelling Planned Dates:

5You cancel the date once, she hasn’t reacted, even twice and thrice she was silent but if you are in the habit of cancelling the plan always then it means you are evoking her anger. This is a thing that would annoy any girl, no matter how cool minded she is.

Cleanup is Not Only Her Responsibility:

10She is your girl and not the one who should do the cleanup of the mess that you are creating. It is not only her responsibility; she wants your equal participation in that. Don’t treat her like a maid; give her equal respect and the same value as you want from her.

You Forget to Do Things You Promised:

7You started the relationship with many promises but now you are denying the promises and have brought the things at a vulnerable condition. She might not say this or express the things to you but believe it that this is just enough to piss-off your lady. So, make the promises that you can fulfill otherwise let her live in her own bubble, not on your fake promises.

You Hang Out With Ex-Girlfriend Without Telling Her:

8Dating your ex-girlfriend or just having formal meetings with her, if you are doing these things then don’t expect your lady to react normally on this because no woman in this world would accept this. This is one amongst the things that may annoy her to the extent and she may also end up the relationship on this ground only. So before looking back into the past just consider your future and present first.

Silence on Relationship Future: 9Commitment is the most important part of a relationship and in case you are silent in that, then don’t expect that she would be happy for the same. She wants a future and she wishes that you should elaborate it to her and keep your promises too.

Prevention is always better than cure and when it comes to your love relationship then you are supposed to take every step with full attention. The points that we have mentioned here could annoy your girl. If you are really looking for that very good bonding with her with the best relationship ever then try not to annoy your girl or give her the reasons for unnecessary fights. Just avoid the complications and your relationship will move in a better direction.

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