Top Chefs of India Who Have Put India on the Global Gastronomic Map

If we talk about one of the most diverse cuisines in the world then Indian cuisines are among the top who strike out mind. And Indian chefs have proved themselves that they are competent, flexible and versatile enough to append admirable twists to time-honored culinary in order to adapt to the needs of global penchant; at the same maintaining the authentic flavors of the cuisines. Here we introduce some of the top chefs of India who have put India on the global gastronomic map.

Sanjeev Kapoor – Indian Chef and Entrepreneur

sanjeev kapoor

In the Indian gastronomic world, Sanjeev Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the best recognized faces (with our without his moustache) J. A renowned household name in the Indian kitchens he as made commendable contributions to Indian dishes and cuisines; in the form of nice recipes as well as cookery books. He is also known for very popular TV show Khana Khazana, which is the longest running show of its kind in Asia. The show is broadcasted in 120 countries. He broke the World Record for the largest Imrati or Jalebi (37 Kg) on May 3, 2015 in the Indian sweets category.  He is the most celebrated face of Indian Cuisine. He is a chef, host, author of cookery books and restaurant consultant.

Vikas Khanna – Sexiest Man Alive

RiyoMori and Chef-Vikas Khanna

Worked with some of the best chefs around the world, Vikas Khanna is an award winning Indian chef, Michelin star, cookery book writer and restaurateur. Started his culinary journey in his grandmother’s kitchen in Amritsar (Punjab, India), he is also the host of popular Indian TV cookery shows MasterChef India (season 2 & 3) and MasaterChef Junior. Based in New York City, he has several awards in his credit. He is known for his restaurant Junoon where he has hosted a dinner for US President Barack Obama. In the year of 2011, he was named in the list of “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine. He is also referred to as “The Hottest Chef of America.

Ranveer Brar – India‘s Most Stylish Chef


Born in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh, India) Ranveer Brar is one of the most renowned Indian chefs. Known as India’s most stylish chef, he is also the host of many TV shows including Breakfast Xpress, The Great Indian Rasoi, Snack Attack, Homemade, Thank God It’s Fryday, MasterChef India Season 4, and Health Bhi Taste Bhi. He has several awards and recognitions in his credit. He has been featured in the book Celebrated Chefs of India by Marryam H Reshii. He has handled banquets at the President House of India and at the Prime Minister of India’s residence. He has also cooked for several Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities; both in India and US.

Hari Nayak

hari nayak

Hari Nayak is a famous Indian chef, restaurateur, author and India food & culinary consultant. He is known across America and India as well for his unique style of cooking. He is known for his preference of simple cooking over intricate and messy recipes. His signature style of simple cooking can be seen his famous books like Modern Indian Cooking, My Indian Kitchen, and Easy Indian Cooking. He is the co-founder of “Cooking for Life” which was founded by renowned chef Vikas Khanna.

Atul Kochhar


Born in Jamshedpur in India, Atul is a famous chef, restaurateur, television personality Britain. He started his culinary carrier at The Oberoi Group of Hotels in India (1989-1994) where he achieved a diploma in Hotel Management. Today he is among top British based Indian chefs and television personalities. He is the first chef to win a Michelin star. He is one of the most critically much-admired chefs in Britain for his take on modern Indian cuisine. He has contributed a lot to take Indian cuisines and foods global gastronomic map with his incredible cooking styles.

Nita Mehta

Nita Mehta

Nita Mehta is a renowned Indian celebrity chef, author, entrepreneur, restaurateur and media personality. She has been called a “Nutrition Expert” and “Cooking Expert” in the media. She is also known for her cookery books, recipes, and culinary classes. She has been also judge on cookery based television shows. She is best known for her culinary books. She has authored more than 400 cookbooks of which 6 million copies have been sold worldwide. She won the Best Asian Cookbook Award for her book “Flavors of Indian Cooking” at the World Cookbook Fair in Paris held in the year 1999.

Manish Mehrotra

Born in Patna (the state capital of Bihar) Manish Mehrotra is an Indian celebrity chef. He is among the best chefs in the country and has won several awards and recognitions in his credit including winning ‘Foodistan’, a television cooking game show by NDTV GoodTimes, American Express Best Chef of the Year, HT City Crystal Awards, Best Chef of 2010 and 2012, and a Vir Sanghvi Award. He recognized as the most exciting modern Indian chef in the world today. He is a proud face behind Indian Accent in New Delhi and Oriental Octopus in New Delhi & Lavasa. He is a corporate chef, Luxury Dining for “Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.”