5 Surprising Benefits of Lemon Water

Have you ever wondered how beneficial the round yellow balls of lemon could be? Lemon which is a natural taste enhances which adds flavors to salads, barbeque and also to mocktails has many health benefits as well. This is probably a fruit that can be used both as an important element for food and at the meantime something much beneficial for health as well. Lemon water is considered to be the perfect beverage in India and is something that people love to serve their guest.

This is the instant energizer and the perfect appetizer too. But, do you know about the secret and surprising health benefits of drinking lemon water. Well, I am sure that 90 percent of you don’t know this, but here we are mentioning the five things that would make you to sip the glass of lemon water immediately after reading this article.

Prevent Acne:

The anti-bacterial properties found in lemon help in preventing acne. Those who are suffering from pimples can take a sip of lemon water in the evening. Other than this, it is also beneficial to use lemon water as a face wash to fight with the unwanted pop-ups in the skin.

Fight with Kidney Stones:

2Lemon contains citrus acid. The intake of lemon water regularly can help in breaking down the kidney stones and can even prevent them altogether.

Strengthen Immune System:


The person who fall ill very easily and is allergic to things, he should regularly take lemon water and at least one glass a day. Lemon water helps in strengthening the immune system.

Prevent Cold and Flu:


Regular intake of lemon water helps in preventing cold and flu and hence it keeps the person healthy and happy. It is because of the Vitamin C found in lemon which has anti-inflammatory effects.

Cures Hangovers:


Worried because last night you were many pegs down? don’t worry, just take a glass of lemon water and everything would be alright and this is because it works perfectly as a hangover reliever.

Definitely the health benefits of lemon that are mentioned above would be new and surprising for many. We are pretty sure that after reading this, you are not going to ignore that tiny and strong drop of lemon in your water or in your salad.

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