Being Tech-Savvy Have Shaken of our Relationship? Let’s Think

Often we come across the wording like trust, love and respect are the strong and bold foundation of any relationship and for wife and husband it is the most and first step towards their happy married life since ages. But can somebody answer to this that does it’s believed to be seen in today’s our so called social society?

I know most of us whisper NO to the topic and it is highly correct too indeed. We proudly associate ourselves to the world of technology and being very freak to it. Though it is never related wrong but let’s find answer to ourselves that being tech-savvy have not only ruined our order but also the trust of relationship.

I am not claiming this to every house that have been lucky away from this till now however yes, it is again a cruel fact that report of many survey’s says. They declare that we are trapped to this tech gift which we knowingly or unknowingly have used to shake the root of our relationship.


More interestingly, let me detail more about various modes from where cheating, lying and distrust have squeezes our every sect of society. They have not stepped in single outline, volume or venue but social networking sites like Facebook are popularly known to cause flirting to online affairs to extramarital and other social crimes.

In the name of being modern and opting modern lifestyle, we ought to conspire towards our near ones just for no solid reasons. Today, the usage of Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and WhatsUp has has eliminated the need to get out of home to cheat our family or be unfaithful to our better half. It is as easy as a child’s play to simply log on and restart your extra marital affairs, or chatting opposite sex for physical need just to have a nice time and several such other causes.

Thus, there is no point of doubt, that every age’s folk of society have changed everything about the way we live up to our relations close to us, including the way we cheat to them. So, just think where we stand with technology and relationship.

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