8 Skincare Tips for Rainy Season

With the end of May, the monsoon is supposed to hit the southern corner of India Kerala. The pitter patter of rain drops, the essence of pakora and samosa, the beautiful umbrellas, the smell of wet soil; well, these are few of the things that define the beauty of monsoon even more but this is not the only definition of the season. There is something irritating as well, which is connected with rains. Yes, we are here discussing the skin problems. Fungal infections, extra oily skin, dryness, are few of the common problems for the rainy season.

The best way to get rid of such problems is by taking care of skin well during the season. This is probably the time of the year when our skin needs maximum attention and care because the mercury keeps on fluctuating and this leads to various skin problems. For the people concerned about skin care in monsoon here are best 8 tips that would definitely help them in having smooth, supple and flawless skin in the season.

Cleanse Frequently:


With the high humidity level in the season, it is much necessary to clean skin on regular basis. Humidity leads to oil and oil in the skin lets the pollution to stay in the skin which in result leads to acne and pimples. This is a necessary step to clean the face at least thrice a day. Using oil control face wash is a great idea.

Keep Skin Dry:

dry face

Don’t let the dirt and pollution intact to your skin in the rainy season. Keeping skin dry is one of the things through which you can avoid maximum skin problems. Using a good non-alcoholic base toner is a great idea.

Use Sunscreen:


No matter, whether there is the sun outside or not if you are stepping away from home, do apply sunscreen.  This will save your skin from unwanted sun damage. Applying sunscreen 15 minutes before leaving from home always gives a good result.

Scrub Twice a Week:


This is the time in which most moisture and dust enters in the skin; the best remedy to deal with the complication season of the year is by scrubbing face at least twice a week. Instead of going for chemical based toner it would be great to do things with mild home remedies. Gently scrubbing skin will keep the dust and germs away.

Drink Adequate Water:

drink water

Water is an essential part of the body. In a rainy season as well you are supposed to drink the proper amount of water as required by your body. 8-10 glass of water is adequate for a human to drink in a day.

Shampoo Hair At Least Twice:


Hair is the most common area that invites skin problem. If you want to keep oil, dust, and pimples away from your face then do try to keep your hair clean and that too especially in the rainy season. Shampoo your hairs at least twice a week because the humidity in the air lets the dust and dirt enter in the hair scalp which can create problem to skin.

Stay Away from Artificial Jewelry:

artificial jewelry

If you are a party animal and wish to carry artificial jewelry to embrace your look then kindly don’t go for it especially when there are rain and humidity outside. Humidity will increase the risk of a breakout in the season, so it’s better to be away from it.

Use Home Made Face Packs:

home made face pack

Using many chemicals on the skin is never ever allowed. Instead, using chemical based face packs try using natural homemade remedies. This will keep the moisture intact and will nourish your skin as well. Besan and yogurt face pack is one of the finest choices for you.

Enjoy the rain and feel the love in the air but at the meantime don’t forget to take care of your skin as well. These 8 wonderful skin care tips mentioned above would definitely help you in attaining that fair, clear and fresh look even when there are humidity, dust, and pollution outside.