5 Danger Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Relation is and will always be a complicated topic to read, to discuss and yes of course, to face. Being surrounded by many expectations and desires, this is such a phase of one’s life that he cannot bear to live without and sometimes cannot bear to live with it as well. It completely depends on the understanding between the two individuals how long the relationship will go and that too without complications. There are issues with every relation and if it is below average then it is okay but sometimes the relationship is not a bond but it actually becomes a toxic boundation that one cannot survive with and other than this cannot live without it as well.

Sometimes, we bear the pain just thinking that it is a part of relationship and by tolerating the things, the scenario will change. But, this is not always the best solution of the problem. Sometimes, it is better to let go the bad because something much better than this is waiting. It may be that this article would hurt you and would make you think about your relationship again, but our aim is to make you aware that everything which is happening is not right and rest, decision is yours. So, here are the five danger signs of a toxic relation, if you are also facing something like this then walk away.

When You Only Become an Option: You were the priority once but now, not more than an option. If you are facing things and situations like this then beware friend, because there is something very bad waiting for you. You are ignored all the time and when there is your need then only you are recalled. Be alert to things like this.

When You are Blamed for Everything: Fights and misunderstandings are part and parcel of a relationship. But, in case at the end of everything you are blamed for the things which is not always committed by you then this is a sign that your relationship is full of toxins and it is better to walk away.

When No One is Breaking the Ice: Does it happen with you that it is you only who is breaking the ice. In a relationship both the partners should put efforts to make it strong because it is a joint venture. But, in case you are the only one to do it always then please don’t put your self-respect down all the time because this relationship is not worth of it.

When Things are Hidden: Trust is when your partner’s phone unlocks with your finger print. Well, yes it is true and this should be there in every relationship. Things should be crystal clear and there should be nothing hidden. If you want to strengthen your relationship bond then try not to hide things from partner but in case you find your partner hiding things then don’t forget to confront them of their mistake.

When it is Only You to Put the Efforts: Relationship is a two-way traffic and both the side should put efforts from their side, in order to make it successful. If it is always you then stop by there only because this is not going to work in the long run. Use is something else and misuse is something else. So, it’s better for you to understand the meaning of both.

We are not at all against love, relationship, sacrifice but our only motive is to warn people of the things that they are feeling, but they are not in the position to accept. And, this is because in a relationship a person is not in a condition to accept the flaws that are noticeable as well and this is because he is blindfold trusting his partner.