Yoga – The Secret of Sound Living

The stressful life of today has given a rise to various harmful diseases. The contaminated water and food items on the other hand are the prone to heart diseases. The ultimate solution to all these health related issues is Yoga.

Yoga is a holistic way of living. It is a technique in which one knows the way to control body as well as soul. Basically there are four divisions of yoga. Gyan yoga which deals with philosophy, Bhakti yoga that is about devotion, karma that deals with blissful action and raja yoga that is all about mind control.

Yoga is all about harmonizing body with the soul in this way it helps in fighting with mental stress. It is not that yoga is alien to us we perform yoga asana since our childhood. We Indians are blessed to be born in a nation which has taught yoga to the entire one. And it is to be quote here that yoga is one of the main reasons of rising tourism in India. People from across the globe visit Rishikesh in Uttrakhand (also known as the Yoga city) for learning yoga.

Not only Indian but many foreigners team has also done a research in Yoga and found that the secret of healthy living lies in Yoga only. It is the also becoming the most popular way of living as well. The morning yogas such as Pranyanam and Meditation lead to healthy body and soul. It refreshes the mind and energizes the body completely. There are many yoga specially Patanjali asana also that has been proved as the master key to almost all health problems.

So this could be clearly concluded that the secret of a healthy mind and soul lies in yoga. The proper yoga asana would not only help in maintaining good health but would also work out for peaceful living.

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