Why January is considered to be the Breakup Season

Breakup season! Do you really think that there is a breakup season? I know a big portion will nod their head in no in answer to this question. But, there is actually a breakup season. People lost in love with their partners never want to face the situation of breakup but logically we are proving here that the season of breakup can take away your partner from you. January the peak time of winters is considered to be the time when most of the couples separate. If you are also taking it as a humorous statement then here are the few points that would definitely make you realize that.

  • The biggest reason for people going apart in January is because the holiday season is actually over. With them go the constant parties, the mistletoe, the need to kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve. During the holiday time there is a spirit of exchanging gifts, feeling festive and wanting to have some holiday romance, but once the holidays are over these all feelings are also just gone.
  • In planning for a New Year resolution or planning a New Year Eve party with friends, you are busy with your partner, but as soon as these obligations are over you don’t think that you need someone in your life anymore. With a new year there come new goals and a renewed energy to carry them out. If a relationship is mediocre at best, January is the time to start afresh.
  • It is a scientific proven fact that when you don’t have things to do you get engaged in vigorous tasks. The pressure to have a date to seasonal events is minimal. You’re growing bored with the relationship and Valentine’s Day seems a million years away and not worth the trouble of maintaining the union.
  • Another proven reason that makes January a breakup season is stress. Stress at work often carries over to stress in a relationship, making January a ripe time for stress induced dumping.
  • Spending too much time with your love can be sometimes harmful for relationship. The same happens when you step in January. With the frenzy of the holidays over, individuals not good at coping with downtime may exercise a wandering eye. You’ve spent so much time just with one person that it starts to get very-routine and now you wish to come out of it.
  • Monetary issue is one amongst another reasons that make people break-up in January. The holiday season before January often leaves people with a lack of funds. Lack of funds can mean less opportunity and options for spending on a relationship. A relationship just after the ravish expenses becomes burden for people and this is a reason they decide for separating.

Guys and gals out there, if you just broke in January then definitely the reason can be one amongst the above. In case you are in a roller-coaster of relationship then check out if these above mentioned things are the reasons for that. The tip is definitely going to help out people who are still screaming, Why did you break my heart….Why did you fall in love….Why did you go away….

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