Why Indian Youth is Opting For Live In Relationship

The bond of marriage is full of responsibilities. There are so many things that you need to take care of while dealing with it. The youth of the modern time is not ready to tackle the responsibilities of marriage and specially man. There is a change in living style now days. Youth are living away from family for their better career or education. In this course of time when they are away from parents and families they find few close relations in the new place, that we call as friends. And if they are in love relationship they opt to stay together.

If a man and a woman are living together prior to marriage it is called live in relationship. Though it is not a new concept in the world, India has adopted this way of living from west. And due to the convenience and no commitment factor in it, it has become a popular trend in the metropolitan cities. Though the trend is not much popular in the small cities and town but it is spreading its legs there too. As per our research we have found these five reasons that are far responsible for this culture in India


freedomFreedom is what every desire in his life. But if you are tied in a knot of marriage then you are not free to express yourself, to live the life you wish, whereas if you are in live in relationship, you are free do things as per your wish. You can go for night outs with friends, enjoy long holidays, without being responsible to anyone else. This freedom is what every one desires after stepping out from home and live in relationship makes it possible.

Financial Independency

financial issueSpending your life in a metropolitan city can be tougher for you. Paying room rent, for laundry for maid, every thing seems so expensive for a single earned people. But if there is someone who could share this with you, can bring a great relief to your life. Therefore when you are living with your girlfriend or boyfriend you have no obligation to spend every thing by your own. He or she will share it with you. But in case you are married then usually husbands have to bear the burden of financial expenses.

No Obligations for Maintaining Social Circle

social circleMarriage makes you do so many things that you never wish to do from your heart. And one of the things is attending social events, going to each other relatives place or calling them at yours. It’s quite messy sometimes. In case you are in live in relationship there is no such social obligation of visiting each other place or relatives. You can be free from such things.

Separation is Easy

seperationIf relation is not working well, or in case you find both of you not compatible to each other, it is easy to separate. There is no legal process in that. Though mentally you will be in a stage of shock for some time but that is better than spending your life with a mismatched partner. In case you know this after getting married then you have to face a long legal procedure of divorce. Young generation does not wants to be committed in a relation and live in relationship seems the easiest way to them.

Helping Hand in the Alien City

helping handLive in relationship is a common trend in the metropolitan cities where young generation turns for better opportunity. And to kill the solitude in the lonely planet they are diverted for a partner and decide to live together. By doing so they are getting a helping hand in the new city. This makes them comfortable in living in the new place. To get someone who is dear to you among thousands of strangers is always a good feeling.

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